Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Quicky

It's not that I don't have much to update. I have LOTS!! Just that time is not on my side. Usually suspects; work, assignments, family. I feel like the Energizer Bunny. Can’t wait for July for my 10th anniversary romantic trip..hehe.

Yep, it will be 10 years being married to En. Rashid, come this September. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime, sometimes it feels like…what? 10 years with the same guy? God, I’m so faithful! Whatever it is, I couldn’t ask for a better husband. Except maybe Edward Norton but that’s wishful thinking. Heee…so to my cuddly hubby, I love you so much…may we have all happiness life can give us.

This week is our last week of classes, then its final exams next week. Finals…eeekkkk!! The best part is our MIS final is on a Saturday. Urgh. But after the finals, it’s 3 months of holiday from school. Waaahhh…nikmatnya. However I have a feeling that once classes start back in September, it’s going to take me at least 4-5 weeks to get back into the groove. For sure!

The past school holidays was rather mundane for the family. En. Rashid and I only took 2 days off during the 1st week of holidays. We took the kids to see Kungfu Panda 2 and back to my parents home. Fortunately my aunt had booked some chalets over in PD, so she invited my mom to bring the kids there for a swim. As it turned out, they ended up staying for one night because the kids were having too much fun with all my cousins.

OK, got to go. Work a-calling. Till later.


Anonymous said...

10 years and counting!

cuddly en rashid? polar bear you mean?

Along said...

Polar bear...panda bear...any bear can do. :D.