Thursday, June 02, 2011

Because Pandas Are Awesome!!

En Rashid and I took leave today, which was a good thing because I finished the Law assignment at 4am. Padan muka, tunggu last minute lagi. Dah la Law, nak paham soklan dah setengah jam...nak carik fakta sejam lagi...nak tulis ayat berjam2. Bagus...dah nak subuh baru kepala cecah bantal. Uwaaa...

Anyway, we had promised to take the girls to see the Kungfu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom (I love the title!!). I checked our usual haunting grounds but most of them were sold out. Luckily En Rashid found some good seats in Mines. So we decided to take the 1st morning show and then have lunch there.

Initially we didn;t want to take Daria since she might not like being in a movie theater, dark and cold, with loud sounds. But En Rashid took pity on her and promised me that if Daria started crying, he would bring her out of the cinema hall and stay with her. OK, good...promise!

In the end, I was worried for nothing. Daria fell asleep in the car on the way to the mall so for the 1st half hour of the show, she was asleep on En Rashid's shoulder. I can't recall when she woke up but it did take a few minutes for her to adjust to the loud sounds and the big screen. She was scared initially but she relaxed seeing us all beside her. In the end, she actually enjoyed herself.

So how was the movie? Awesome!! Funnier than the 1st one, if I remember correctly. The stunts and animation effects were so smooth and I love how Mantis and Snake got to show more of their kungfu skills in this movie. The chemistry between Po and the Furious Five, especially Tigress is touching. The bad guy is also awesome. Who knew a peacock could be such a badass! I love the way the movie utilized the strength and uniqueness of each animal. And though I wish master Shifu got more screen time, whenever he's on, he commands the screen.

Inner peace....hehehe...

What more can I say...GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll gasp when you see all the kungfu warriors jump up in the air together in slo-mo (seriously, eveyone in the cinema went....Wahhhhhh!!!).

Plus, if you think Po as the Dragon Warrior is cute, wait till you see him as a baby panda. Too Cute!!


Anonymous said...

inner peace. yup.

done that way earlier.