Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finals Are Over!!

Finally, I'm done with my finals. Last night was my final paper for MIS. I guess I did ok but the fact we had to answer 5 out of 8 questions, really put a strain on my brain and hand. And that was only Section B! Section A had like 4 more questions which we had to answer all. Brutal.

But as brutal MIS was, it was nothing compared to Law. God, I'm still so pissed about that exam. The fact they asked us to memorize cases is one thing, then to give us a list of 2000 cases to choose from as references is another. I felt like quoting The Good Wife or Law & Order, just for the sake of answering.

Fortunately Marketing was predictable, thus I was able to answer the questions. Plus we were only required to answer 2, so it wasn't a huge headache. I'm still a little bit upset that I forgot to put in more examples (I lost marks during mid terms for not doing that), but since it's all over and done with, no use crying over it anymore.

We're on holiday until after raya, meaning no more classes for 14 weeks! While it is exciting and refreshing no having to stay up until 3am to do assignments, I fear that when classes start again in September, I would have lost my momentum to study.

Sigh...whatever it is, 1 year down, just 1 more to go.  


J.A.D said...

record tu along, all 4-5 previous posts complaining pasai law paper :p hehe..

enjoy ur holiday b4 madness begins.

Along said...

JAD: I know!! Tapi memang susah la paper tu..isy..sib baik dah over!!