Friday, June 03, 2011

Dinos Alive @ Pusat Sains Negara

I had read about the exhibition at various blogs so this was a must-do in my list. We finally decided to go last Tuesday, on Dania's 9th Birthday (I still owe her Birthday Note!).

The kids were excited because they love dinosaurs. Don't ask me how many times we've seen Jurassic Park on TV...everytime it's on, we have to see it.

We set out from home around 10am and while we got a bit lost heading there (the signboards were confusing), we reached there at about 1045am. As it was and still is the school holidays, there were several school buses there, all taking school children for a field trip.

If there's one thing to make this trip worthwhile, is getting crushed by screaming, smelling school children.

Tickets were reasonably priced, RM25 for a family ticket which allowed for 2 adults and 2 children. Daria, being only 2, got in for free. Sigh, at the rate she's growing, this free stuff won't be for long.

Before we walked into the exhibition, we had to pass the aquarium with the overhead tunnel. It was awesome...the fishes were as big as En Rashid! Heee...There was one Arapaima that I swear could swallow me whole. Daria was mesmerized with all the fishes and it took quite some persuasion to get her to move to the next phase.
Once we entered the exhibition hall, we were greeted by 2 massive dinosuars. I know one of them was a T-Rex, I've forgotten the name of the other one. I think it started with A.
The dinosuars were kind of cool coz they could move and make sounds. The T-Rex could really roar.
On the ground floor were various science-related activities for kids to try out. They also had 3 types of playgrounds, segregated according to age groups. I took Daria to the one for 4 years and below while En Rashid braved the ones for the older kids with Dania and Dina.
The hall had several levels. More dinosaurs can be found on the 1st floor. I think they had like 10-12 more dinosaurs but in my opinion, the show was a bit lame. I was expecting for the setting to be more spectacular...but it was basically dinosaurs placed in one corner after another. Sure, some of them moved and growled but nothing spectacular happened. A bit dissapointing.
So we spent the rest of the morning trying out the other activities and looking at the other children become monkeys in the playground. Around 1pm, I was starving so En Rashid took us to Ikano for lunch.
So is it worth the admission ticket? Well, the ticket wasn't that expensive and the girls did have fun playing with all the science activities. However, the dinosaur exhibition itself was a disappointment, if you ask me. OK for kids but I think the adults would not be impressed. You'll have a better time in the aquarium tunnel looking at all the fishes.


Huda Ahsin said...

Ada lagi rupanya... Bolehlah setakat nak layan bebudak...

Aunt Juicebox said...

So much fun! But OMG those girls are getting so big! Where's that fuzzy headed little chubalub you used to have??

Along said...

Huda: Yep, dia extend sempena cuti sekolah. Ok la..yang penting bbdk seronok.

AJB: I know!! My fuzzy little chubalub has turned into a bossy little ewok!