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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Brother's Engagement Pictures

Since I'm fasting today and don't have to go out for lunch, I've decided to upload a few pictures of my brother's engagement ceremony. All pictures were taken by my 2nd brother so excuse the quality. Hehehe..jangan marah Alang.

The girls waiting for everyone to get ready for the journey to Ipoh. Daria not included because she got left behind. Sian dia...
Rombongan Cik Kiah. Haha. That's me in front with the all-important engagement ring. Other items included a cake, cloth for the wedding ceremony, chocolates, fruits, tepak sirih (what's this in English?) and wajik. Oya, this was the 1st time I wore a kebaya since I gave birth. Ketat sioottt!!
My mom placing the engagement ring on Zaiti's finger. Nice ring, huh?My mom blessing Zaiti after placing the ring. We all took turns to do this, myself included. I guess it's a Perak thing (merenjis time tunang) ke?
Blessing my future sister-in-law.
Me and the girls and their future Mak Ngah. Look at Dina, refusing to smile properly!! Sabar je la..

Oya, you might be asking where my brother was during all this was taking place. Cooling his heels at the nearest mamak stall I guess. We only called him after everyone had finished eating. Hehehe..


dillazag said...

Yeay - another instant sister! :)

BTW, your future SIL ni kerja dengan TM ke? Is she with Global? She looks familiar lah.. Macam pernah ku audit, la pulak.. :)

Aunt Juicebox said...

Everything was very lovely. I'm so jealous of the pretty clothes!

Along said...

Dilla: Yep, sales, same dept as my bro. TM ni kan kitaorg punya fmily business..hahaha.

AJB: Thanks!! It was a very nice ceremony. Can't wait for the wedding.


where's the cake? datin suka tak?

Along said...

Noresh: Bleh tak, aku lupa nak ambik gambar barang2 hantaran tu. Excited punya pasal. Oh of course Datin very the like the cake. Hehehehe...

raggedyanne said...

mak aih, selimmmmmmm nyer!