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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Breasts, Engagement and the Girls

I've been so busy with work, I've neglected my blog. Sob. So much has happened these past weeks that I'll just give a short recap of what I can remember.

I got mastitis...again!! Argh!! The doctor said it was most probably due to stress. I cannot help but agree. Since I returned from maternity leave, it's been full speed ahead non stop. While it has been god to be back, it has affected my health some what. Fortunately that hacking cough of mine has finally subsided. However, my milk supply has dropped drastically. Uhuk...stress, stress.

Speaking of milk supply, I've started taking fenugeek seeds as a way to increase it. So far, it;s been a slow progress but every drop counts. It's been a challenge trying to fit in pumping sessions at work but I've managed to time them so I can pump 3 times a day; once in the morning, once after lunch and once before I go back home. I carry my milk bag everywhere I go, especially if my meetings are outside of the office. I'm still targeting 6 months to breastfeed Daria, hopefully I can make it for a whole year. But let's take it one day at a time. And here's hoping the fenugeek seeds really kick in some time soon.

Oya, my brother got engaged last Saturday. Congratulations Angah and his fiance, Zaiti. It was a joyous occasion, quite a number of our relatives were able to follow us to Ipoh for the ceremony. We all slept at my parent's house the night before and headed off to Ipoh around 10.30am that Saturday morning. I think there were 5 cars altogether; Car 1: my dad, my mom, moi and my 2 girls (we left Daria at my mom's house with my maid). Car 2: hubby and my 2 youngest brothers. Car 3: my makteh, her 2 daughters (Dr Aina and Aqilah) and my other cousin, Ema who was representing my other aunt who couldn't come because her son had a fever. Car 4: my makngah, her 2 daughters and her youngest son. Car 5: my maksu and her family.
We targeted to arrive in Ipoh for lunch but thanks to the roadblocks that were on the road that day (ISA punya pasal), we arrived at nearly 2pm. My mom was frantic. She was already nervous about the whole "placing of the ring" part of the ceremony. The fact that we were late put her into overdrive panic mode. However, once we got there, everything went ahead without a hitch, though my mom did nearly drop the ring because her hand was shaking so much. Hahahaha, we all had a good laugh about it later.

Oya, pictures pending from my brother who was the unofficial photographer. Which means they'll be ready next year. Hmmm....

Dania had her exams (again?) and so far her result has been really good. Dina's also doing well at school. She's returned to her previous self, though she does strive for more attention once in a while. Daria is just blooming. That girl is growing up so fast, I just don't want to take my eyes off of her. I remember when she was just born, her feet were the length of my pinkie finger. Now, they're even longer than my middle finger! I can't wait to see how much she'll weigh during her 3 month check up.


Real Woman said...

hey there lamanya tak berblogging! So many things happened eh! Good to hear from you again!

fizi said...

aiyo, i think i also can be in that panic mode kalau lewat...3 boys' future engagement...ada anak pompuan senang eh? dok rumah tunggu aje...

theotheraj said...


Along said...

RW: yeah..really busy nowadays. After coming home, when I put daria to sleep, I feel like sleeping also.

Fizi: Anak pompuan lagi cuak kot..nak kena meriah lagi majlis. Hehehe..

TOAJ: The mastitis story was relating to my breasts. What? Did you think there would be pictures?

Aunt Juicebox said...

Take it easy! You could just send me that fat little baby to keep for awhile. =)

theotheraj said...

pictures make for an interesting post

dillazag said...

Lecithin helps with milk flow. (makin banyak our milk) may sound a little contradictory with mastitis, but somehow it helped me. Of course, jangan lupa tuam with warm towel, urut your breasts and insya allah, OK.
When I had it, sampai menggigil and demam , OK! Shite, that was hard..