Monday, August 17, 2009

An Eventful Weekend

My laptop is in the hospital. I dropped it on its head last Friday and while it was fine immediately after the "tragedy", a few hours later, it wouldn't let me click on any of the icons and wouldn't shut down. No amount of taking out the battery, stroking the keypad and hugging it tight made a difference. The Rescue team was fast to respond to my SOS; they took it away the very same day. Hopefully I'll get it back intact today. My only hope is that they salvage all the files. If those are gone, them I'm gonna retire!!

Last Friday was also eventful for Dina. She got bitten by a wasp!! In fact, it could have been several wasps if not for my heroic Bibik (maid). I was upstairs taking a bath when all this commotion happened so I didn't get to see it but according to Bibik, Dina was walking in front of our house and she started shaking the small coconut tree a few houses over. Apparently she didn't notice the wasp hive (hive ah?) and because of her shaking, several angry wasps came out and started attacking her. To make matters worst (or rather fortunate if you really think about it), Bibik was outside with Daria in a sling so she had one hand trying to shield Daria from the wasps and another one trying to swot them from Dina's head. Fortunately all three got into the house quickly but not before Dina got bit on the head and Bibik got bit on her arm. Thank god Daria was ok, if not she might have gotten bitten on her face!! Lahai anak ibu...sib baik Bibik cepat bertindak!

Hubby took Dina to the clinic immediately and she got a shot and medicine for the pain. Bibik didn't want to go at first but the next day her arm had swollen and started throbbing painfully, so in the end she relented and we took her to the clinic for her shot and some medicine. Sian tengok Bibik.

Today both of them are doing better. Alhamdulillah. The wasps nest/hive is still there. Hubby said he would call the fire department to remove it before any other kids got bitten by the wasps.

Yesterday my mom came by and took me and the girls to 1-Utama to meet a potential caterer for my brother's upcoming wedding. She was very nice and her menu so far is the best at such a reasonable price. My mom's 95% sure that she'll be taking that caterer so that's one more item to cross of the checklist. Next up will be searching for a make up artist and pelamin person. Oya, items for the hantaran...all done!! advance.

Oya, yesterday Daria turned 3 months old. Guess how much she weighed? 6.9 kg!!! That's a 1.4kg increase since last month. Even the doctor couldn't believe it and had to check her scale to make sure it was calibrated correctly. wonder my arm feels like its going to fall off after carrying her for a few minutes. Pergh...dasat anak ibu.


Real Woman said...

owh..if my laptop jatuh, sure menangis dah! huhuhuh. anyway berat takpe, janji baby sihat kan? sure gebu!! my baby pun kalau nak ikut overweight kot sekarang..hehehe

Along said...

RW: Dah dpt dah balik laptop, sib baik bleh repair. If not, I retire je la!! Hal Daria, dr pun kata, dia agak panjang so actually ok for her weight. Yg tukang nak dukung je la parah sket...hehe.

zuraifah said...

waaa...dah besar la daria..sama berat ngan my doter...tapi dia dah 7 bulan...i can imagine how lenguh to dukung si chomei tu kan...

Along said...

Zu: Memang lenguh, especially my bibik who likes to kendung her in a sling. Dah la lasak..memang my mom and my MIL kena hati2 kalau nak dukung..takut terlepas. Ni kot raya ni nanti agaknya berapa kilo dah..hmm..