Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Fun Filled Saturday

Today I was hoping to be able to sleep in. However hubby reminded me "Got Sukaneka taman la today. Let's go!"

Hmm..laki aku ni, agak berkobar-kobar nak berkenalan ngan jiran. Good thing because I was not that into it. Tido lagi afdhal wei!!!

Anyhow, hubby took Dania and Dina to the field first while I breastfed Daria. Ala, taman depan rumah je pun. By the time I got there, the games had already started. The AJK had segregated the games according to ages; 5-6 years old, standard 1-3 and then standard 4-6. I saw Dania lining up waiting for her turn to play the games so I asked Dina, "Have they finished the games for 5-6 years old? Did you enter?"

Dina looked at me and said "It's too hot. Kaklong is entering on my behalf."

Boleh ke? Puteri lilin betul anak aku sorang ni!

While Dina and I sat under the canopy and mingled with the rest of the neighbours, hubby was busy coaching Dania on how to play the games (and win). She was great but alas her teammates shall I say..very cautious. Sangat berhati-hati okkk. Bawak bola pingpong dalam sudu macam menatang anak. Hahahah...nevermind, all in the name of fun.

After the games for the kids were done, it was time for the adults to have some fun. Hubby entered the team games; filling bottles with water and carrying water balloons between your legs. Hehehe, it sure was funny seeing grown men trying to handle water balloons between their groins and then trying to walk from one end of the badminton court to the other. Unfortunately hubby didn't get a chance to show his "talent" because his teammate before him burst the water balloon before it was his turn. Terus disqualified.

Then it was time for the couples. Hubby dragged me onto the court. Heeee, first game; throwing a water balloon back and forth without letting it burst. WE GOT 3RD PLACE!! Hahahaha...ok la, eventhough I nearly got soaked by the water balloon. For the second game, the husband had to be blindfolded and the wife had to call him from the other side of the court. The first husband who got to his wife won. WE GOT 2ND PLACE!!, best.

It was a fun morning and eventhough I didn't get to sleep in as originally planned, we all had a blast.
Dania getting ready for the water balloon match. And yes, before you even ask, she is STILL wearing her pajamas. I didn't want to have to bathe her twice so I just asked the girls to wash their faces and brush their teeth before going.
Dania showing her talent holding a spoon with a pingpong ball between her teeth. I was just about to snap this picture when that kid rush out in front of me. For a dude his size, he sure was fast.

Hubby, Dania's coach for the day. Hehe.

Wah..Dania got #2 for one of the games. Yeah!!
Hubby giving his all during the "fill the bottle with water" event. Hehehe..
Getting ready for the couple's water balloon event. See how nervous I am holding the balloon. Pegang je pun dah macam nak pecah!!


Mom-On-The-Loose said...

takut nak pegang pun at least dapat 3rd place. Best nye your area got sukaneka centu. Great way to get to know your neighbours and all that. Wish they had that here in D'sara.

Real Woman said...

yeah cool idea la. Jarang dpt neighborhood mcm yrs ni. And fr planning to sleep to being in 2nd place, you're a sport babe!

Aapitz said...

Along, Dania dah nampak kurus and tinggi more her chubby faces, no more her baby fat... :(

Sikit lagi..dah jadi anak dara kan kan kan.....

Along said...

MOTL: Ok gak la, they have these sukaneka stuff going on. My area quite active...ada gotong royong la, majlis tahlil la.

RW: Hehehe..yeah, the prizes also were not bad.

Aapitz: Ha'ah..itu la..dah makin meninggi. Cannot call her my little girl anymore.

Anonymous said...

no wonder laki ko takut ngan ko, nak kena jaga his precious two elok2. kang pecah ko pegang..

ila de cute said...

best best...seronok ek main2 cenggini...