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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

We Won!! We Won!!

Remember that Tutu contest I entered for Dina? Well, seems that my last minute entry won!! Yeah!!!

Ok la, not 1st prize...consolation je, but still...ok la...I'm so happy.

Since the prize is 15% discounts for any purchase at Tutuworkshop outlets, I'm considering getting the girls their very own tutus. Even Daria, since they also make adorable baby tutus. How cute would she look then?! People would never mistake her for a boy, for sure!

I'm pretty sure it was that adorable picture of Dina dressed up as a princess that made the entry a winner. Heeee...she's going to be so happy when I tell her she's getting her own tutu soon.


p!nkerton said...

congrats along & dina!

jayen said...

haiya ini cerita anak pompuan laaa ...

bila akunye turn plak ... hahaha

sity29 said...

fuiyoooo best gila!!!!

Along said...

PInkerton: Thanks. Congrats to you on winning 1st place. Nanti ambik gambar Athirah in her tutu k?

Jayen: Hehehe...boy takkan nak pakai tutu kot. Hang punya hero pakai tuxedo la..macam 007. :D.

Sity: Itula..along dapat tau contest ni pun last minute, x sangka lak menang prize. Tuah Dina..and Dania..and Daria. Uwaaa, agak kopak gak nak membelikan tutu depa ni nanti..hahahha...

Aunt Juicebox said...

Oh good! I'm so happy she won!