Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm Fat!!!

You know that scene in that cartoon The Incredibles, where Elastigirl a.k.a. Mrs Incredible is trying to rescue Mr Incredible and she sees her reflection in the mirror and takes a few seconds to check out her behind in her new superhero uniform? You know her expression, like "WTH?!! Who's lower body is THAT and how did it get so BIG??!"

Yeah, I can totally relate. Dude, my thighs are like....huge. Walking creates a fire hazard as they rub together so much. And my butt?!! Elastigirl said...*sigh*.

I know, I know, I just gave birth, so I shouldn't freak out about the weight gain. Or extra inches. Normally I wouldn't because with Dania and Dina, I went back to normal size almost instantly after giving birth. But this time is different. It's like I've absorbed too much "baby fat" to bounce back to regular size.

Maybe it's an age factor. Maybe my metabolism rate just isn't what it used to be.

Well, one thing's for sure, I HAVE to do something about this. I tried on my old pair of jeans and could just barely zip them up. Even then, I had what we famously call "muffin tops".


What I need are simple, no fuss solutions. I need to exercise, no doubt about it. I don't believe in slim fast drinks or creams so don't advice me to waste money on those stuff. I feel like a contestant on The Biggest Loser, I need me a hot Bob Harper or the even-hotter Jillian Michaels.

Puuuurrrrrr!!!! Yummiieeee!!

OK, enough talk about "food". Since I don't have nor can I afford a personal trainer, I googled some exercises. I found this great site on msn called exercisetv. And guess what, they have Jillian as one of the trainers.

YES!! Talk about motivation.

So far, I've tried a session of "lean and mean leg workouts" and boy, can Jillian really drill it to ya!! But perseverance is the key. Let's hope I don't go "hangat-hangat taik ayam" too soon.


dillazag said...

Best of luck, babes. I should check out that website too, me thinks.
Oh, and welcome to the club, both the muffin top and HHTA clubs! hihihihihi

sity29 said...

alaa along.. u can never beat the size of MYYYY BUTT!! ahhahahahah
just to boost your smangat a little bit ngeh ngeh ngeh..

Real Woman said... fat too!! Memang la after gave birth to my third, mcm slow sikit nak turun (tapi mcm i buat exercise pun..hehehe). I think like u said, metabolism rate dah slow down plus i only breast feed for one mth coz no milk. Kalau BF lama maybe can help burn more calories rite. Apapun the best way to slim down is eat right and EXERCISE!! easy to say but very susah to do!! Hellpp meee!!

Mom-On-The-Loose said...

Don't worry Along, I'm sure you'll be back in shape in no time. Esp with you bersungguhnye exercise and all. Last time I exercised was in my uni days!! I'm pathetic I know!! Good luck!!!


oiiii! bullshit!! mana ada gemok!

Anonymous said...

i find it hard to believe..

and dengah sepenuh hatinya menyokong noresh!

Aapitz said...

go go along.... i support u..!!