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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

More Mid Term Results

Last Saturday, Dina's school held a PTA meeting to discuss the students' mid term results. Unlike last time, Dina's teacher had some things to discuss with us.

1. Previously, Dina wasn't much of a talker in class. Nowadays, she talks a lot. Especially when she's not suppose to. She would finish her work quickly, then proceed to disturb her friends beside her. Hmmmm....

2. She refuses to answer her teacher in English. Sometimes she would just mumble her answer.

3. One day, she didn't tell her teacher she needed the toilet and accidentally WET HER PANTS!! Ayoyo!! Tak pasal2 Along kena bayar untuk seluar baru.

6. Despite her good results (100 for BM and Maths, 96 for English and Science), she got #6 in class. Most of her mistakes were due to carelessness...kes tak check keje la ni.

We discussed further and found out that her behavior changed right around the time Daria arrived. Mystery solved!! I guess Dina was just acting out, maybe out of jealousy. Well, she has been the baby of the family for nearly 5 years, it must be rather hard not having the spotlight on her anymore.

I don't know how to counter this. I've tried spending more time with her while I'm still on leave but it's hard with Daria conquering most of my time. I try to sit down with her while she does her homework. I try to cuddle her and kiss her more so she doesn't feel abandoned. I just hope she knows that her ibu and ayah still love her so much, despite being so busy with the new baby.


Dania, on the other hand, did really well for her Kafa results. She got second in class, with most of her marks above 90. Bravo Dania!!


Aunt Juicebox said...

I'm sure she'll adjust to having the new baby around. Just keep giving her patience.