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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

38 Weeks & Dina's School Report

I'm official 38 weeks today. Lord, is this pregnancy taking forever!! At my last checkup on Saturday, the baby weighed in at 3.2kg. Perghh!! No wonder I can no longer walk. My left leg is acting up, feels like all my ligaments have gone soft and can't take the additional weight any longer. This may be my last week at work. Eventhough my new staff has yet to arrive, it's becoming harder and harder to drag myself out of bed in the morning. What with the leg cramps, maybe I should just try working from home starting next month. Hopefully my boss will ok my request.

Last Saturday was also Parent-Teachers day for Dina's school. We went early but apparently so did a lot of parents. We didn't have to wait that long though since the teacher only allocated 10 minutes per student. We were very pleased with the feedback Dina's teacher gave her; hardworking, very smart, does her work quickly, top marks in all her exams (she's a geek like her mom!!). She scored excellent marks in Spelling and Mathematics. However, she needs to brush up on her communication skills since her teacher commented that Dina was rather quiet in class compared to her other classmates. Dina...quiet??!! Hmmm...will have to investigate further. Her teacher did comment that she liked to sing but would only answer a question if the teacher asked her directly.

Anyhow, both hubby and I are very proud of our little one. Bravo Dina!!


Yan said...

semoga selamat melahirkan.. dah 38 weeks ni.. anytime je kan.. take care :))

moby said...

Wow! Time sure flies! 38 weeks now? Hope you'll have a safe delivery! :)

dillazag said...

Hey girl.. Have a good rest, insya Allah everything will be smooth sailing. My prayers will be with you, babe. Good luck!

Along said...

Yan: itu la, anytime. Tak sabar ada, gerun pun ada. Hehehe..

Moby: Time flies?! I wish..hehehe..seems like I've been pregnant 4eva!! Thanks for the wishes anyway.

Dillazag: Itula..need a rest b4 the big day. But my mind is still on the 1 million work things that need to be done ASAP. Hmmm...

Iym said...

Good luck Along. My baby hari tu delivered on my 38th week. Now lagi 1 week nak kena masuk kerja balik.. boring je kan..