Thursday, April 23, 2009

Review - Wizard's First Rule

I know I was supposed to update my blog during the weekend. I apologize but in our haste to get to my mom’s house on Friday, I forgot to bring my laptop along. Duh!!

So while I didn’t get to do any blogging, I did however get to read this really great book, courtesy of my brother. The book was titled “Wizard’s First Rule”, written by Terry Goodkind. If you liked Eragon (the book, not the movie), then this book may appeal to you too.

The story is mainly about this guy, named Richard Cypher, who finds out he’s destined to be a True Seeker. What exactly that is takes too long to explain but he joins forces with the heroin of the book, Kahlan who is the Mother Confessor (again, you have to read the book to find out what that is) and some of his friends, Zedd and Chase. Together they need to defeat the evil Darken Rahl, a mighty wizard who is trying to use the Boxes of Orden to gain power to rule the entire land (kind of like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, only not that funny).

So there’s lots of magic and good vs evil in the book and the way Terry writes it makes you feel like you’re in the battlefield at times. You can visualize the Mud People’s village and imagine flying on the back of a Red Dragon. You feel Richard’s pain and agony when he’s captured and tortured by Mord-Sith. Most importantly you can sense the sexual tension between the two main characters and almost wish from the start they end up together. Whether or not they do in the end, I won’t reveal here but I love the way the characters are built.

Apparently the book has been adapted into a mini series called Legends of the Seeker. I found some clips on YouTube and the guy that plays Richard is HOT!! Hahahaha. The plot seems to have diverted a bit from the book, in terms of time and storyline. I guess since it’s a mini series, not a movie, the producers want to drag the storyline out a bit.

Check out the hero below.
This is Richard with Kahlan. Ignore the gal. Imagine it's me instead...hehehe.

The guy playing Richard's character is Craig Horner. Which is kind of ironic coz I get horny just looking at him. Muahahahaha...!!
Super Yummy!!!


Mom-On-The-Loose said...

it's a GREAT book innit?? I loved the whole entire series. He's finished writting them all you know. think there's 12 novels and it's seriously worth reading the whole lot. The way the author tied it all neatly in the end was simply superb. way, way, way much better than harry potter. if your brother hasn't bought the others yet, go to book acxess at te top floor of amcorp mall. they sell his books real cheap. I got a huge print version for only 19.90 and a hardcover version for 29.90. murahkan?? they've got loads of cheap children's books as well. so tag along with your bro when he goes!!!

how you holding on??? hope you're doing well.

Along said...

MOTL:'ve tempted me. It would be nice to have some reading materials during confinement.Maybe I can get my brother to go buy them for me. Nowadays it's hard for me to get around...tak larat!!

bloggeratf said...

The book was amazing and the series as a whole is super. I read them all as they came out and was only disappointed once or twice. The series is sub par though. Don't use it to evaluate the books. I watch it just because....

Heather said...

My husband has read that entire series. And the books are all HUGE. We've been recording the series and then sit down and watch a bunch all at once. I couldn't get into the books, but I rather like the show.