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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Thursday, April 16, 2009

36 weeks...

I'm still at the office, waiting for hubby to finish his meeting. Jeez, why do these people like to start meetings at 6pm, when office hours is until 5.30pm? Get a life people!! The world won't stop turning if you go back on time once in a while.

I myself, just finished a 2-day workshop session. Luckily this time, it was held on the 50th floor of the office, not some remote resort somewhere. My head hurts from all that brainstorming, plus it's becoming increasingly uncomfortable for me to sit for long hours.

I am huge. Seriously. I walk into the elevator, and people stop having conversations to stare at my tummy. You can almost hear what they're thinking.

"OMG, she has a basketball under her blouse!"
"She's having twins, for sure. Or triplets."
"It's amazing she can still stay vertical."

People in the office keep asking me when I'm going off for maternity leave. I wish I could but I have so much to settle before I can take leave. First on my list is getting my new staff in and settled down. I have a few interview sessions lined up for potential candidates next week, hopefully I'll find reliable people to handle my product whilst I'm away.

My last scan was last Saturday. Despite the cramp environment, the baby is still moving actively. Good in a sense, but not when I'm trying to sleep at night. Add to the fact I need to pee every 20 minutes because the baby has descended down and keeps on pushing against my bladder. Arghhh. I've thought about wearing adult diapers a couple of times, just so I don't have to walk to the toilet so often. Seriously.

We still don't know the sex of the baby. During the last scan, the baby wouldn't even turn to face us, so all we got to see was the back of its head. It has a full set of hair already. It weighs 2.4kg so plus all the water and placenta, I'm carrying around 3kg up front. It IS amazing I can stay vertical!!

I'm still eating like a horse eventhough I can't take large portions at one go. Constipation comes and goes but I have medication for that, so not a major problem. Leg cramps have been happening more often, especially in the morning when I forget myself and stretch. Hurts like hell!!

I can't wait for this pregnancy to be over eventhough I'm a little anxious about labour. I've already discussed with my doctor on pain medication (no epidural, just gas and air) and although I've had easy (relatively speaking) labours before, there's a part of me that's worried something might go majorly wrong with this one. Fingers crossed and prayers to Allah, nothing will.

I'll write again when I have the time and energy. Who knows, maybe next time I might have a new bundle of joy in my arms. Until then, take care everyone.


dillazag said...

good luck, sweetie.. will be praying for you..

Mom-On-The-Loose said...


All the best, you'll be in my prayers. Must be SO excited + nervous + all possible feelings!! Take care ya??


Heather said...

He/she will be here before you know it and then we can get back to fighting over Ed Norton. =)

J.A.D said...

hey.. gud luck & safe labour.

ps: so can i pinjam your place while you're gone :D

Along said...

Dillazag: Thanks for the prayers.

MOTL - thanks also. hugs back.

Heather - Just because I'm fat as a whale, don't think you can take my Edward away from me...hehehe..

JAD: Micasa Sucasa. Happy joining the team.