Friday, March 27, 2009

Our Free Trip to the Zoo

Today I took EL because Dania was sick with the fever. She had started to burn up last night so when this morning she started vomiting and having diarrhea, I couldn't bring myself to leave her at home without Mommy's TLC.

I'm taking the time to write a little bit about our trip to the National Zoo 2 weeks back. The last time we went, Dina was only 6 months old, so this time she was really excited about seeing all her favorite animals.

As I mentioned, this time the trip was free, thanks to the fact our company was having a product launching there. However, due to the unbelievable traffic jam we encountered, we arrived late and had to beg our way in without the tickets. Luckily, people are really sympathetic to extremely pregnant ladies (hee!!) so we were allowed entrance.
We saw this on the way there. The girls were mystified as to how the tap was floating in the air.

We headed directly to the picnic area as that was where the launching had taken place.
Things were already in full swing so we spent a few minutes there, saying hi to our colleagues who were on duty (thank GOD I don't have to do that anymore!!) and also taking a few pictures with the celebrities there. Dania was rather excited seeing her favorite "uncle" there; Idham from the hilarious family drama "Bong".

We then made our way around the zoo. We saw the bears, the deers, some mountain goats, the huge tortoises, and the reptiles.
The highlights of the day obviously were the elephants and giraffes. The girls loved them!! There was a small stall next to the elephants' pen selling sugar cane that you could feed the elephants with. Dania wanted to feed the elephant but the drain separating her with the elephant was just to wide for her to reach.

I was getting really tired with all the walking (in fact, I was beginning to see stars!!) that I begged hubby to buy tickets for the tram so we could see the rest of the animals.
Eventhough we only got to see glimpses of the tigers and lions, the girls enjoyed the ride very much. After the tram ride, I took the girls back to the Children's Barn. The girls took pictures with the ponies, cows, rabbits and goats there.

Here are some videos of the girls telling me what they saw at the zoo. Sorry coz they are sideways, I have no idea how to make them right side up. Enjoy!!


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