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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Monday, March 16, 2009

Three Things I’m Saving Up For

There are currently 3 things on my To Buy list. I’m sure there’s actually more than 3 but these things are what I’m actively searching for.

1. Transition eyewear
I used to wear contact lenses but after numerous times of losing them, either dropping them on the floor or losing them in my eye (!!!), I decided to just wear glasses. So far, glasses work for me and it’s more economical. No need to buy contact lenses cleaners and stuff like that.
However, lately I’ve been driving a bit during the day and the sunlight has really been bothering me. I’ve been thinking about buying sunglasses with power in the lenses, but then I saw the ads for transition lenses. They basically change from normal to dark lenses when you’re out in the sun. All the better, no need to carry around 2 or more glasses with me all the time. I checked a few stores regarding the price; it would cost me around RM600++ to change the lenses in my current glasses and more if I wanted to change the frame also. I plan to just buy them this week and hope I can opt for the 6 or 12 months interest free payment plan.

2. A dressing table
At our old home, I didn’t have a dressing table because our master bedroom was kind of small. Since our new master bedroom is much bigger, I’ve been thinking of buying a dressing table so I don’t have to put on my make up and tudung in the bathroom. I’m looking for something simple and with a few drawers. As for my budget, the dressing table should cost no more than RM500, complete with mirror. Oya, the bigger the mirror, the better. Hehehe. A few samples are shown as below. I like the first design the best; clean and simple. Plus the colour scheme matches our bed and wardrobe. The 2nd one I like because it has a lot of drawers though I can't think of what I would put in them. The 3rd one is just a funky, fun design for a dressing table that would certainly be a converstaion starter piece if I could ever find one.

3. A pearl ring
This is rather surprising considering I don’t particularly like buying or wearing jewelry of any kind. However, ever since that day I saw a magnificent piece of pearl earrings at the Penang International airport last year, I’ve been harboring this desire to own a piece of pearl jewelry. Since a authentic pearl necklace would probably cost too much and earrings don’t make much sense since I wear a tudung, I thought maybe a black pearl ring would be nice. Why black? Because I like to be different plus a black pearl ring looks sexier, don’t you think? Oya, budget again not more than RM500. Can get ah? A few samples are shown as below. I like the 1st design because it looks very exclusive but I think too many diamonds might take away the focus from the pearl. The 2nd design looks very simple and I like that the pearl is not jutting out on top of the ring. However I like the 3rd design best as it's simple and classic and the diamonds complement the pearl.


Heather said...

I know several people who have those transitions and they don't like them. They don't change as fast as they like you to believe. You should ask around before you commit to them, especially since they seem expensive for you. We just got my daughter new glasses, and they asked her if she wanted the transitions, it was on sale for $19. She didn't want it though.

J.A.D said...

my hubbs got those. Quite convenient but after 2 years the shade is not as dark. Now he still has to rely on powered sunglasses while driving. Me? the condition of my eye sight doesn't allow me to use one of those so no comment.

As for the dressing table, get the one with lots of drawers. You'll find things to fill in in no time.. but then again, the more space you have, the more clutter you'll keep.

3rd ring :)

Along said...

Heather: you've made me rethink my decision to get these transitions. Maybe I should read up some online reviews and get several opinions.

JAD: Hmmm...I didn't think the transitions would come with an expiry date? Dressing table..yeah, lots of drawers would be nice but budget comes first. As for teh ring...heheheh..hoping my hubby is reading this and getting the HINT!!

theotheraj said...

ke ring la laki ko haha

Heather said...

I would do that if I were you, just because they are expensive, and then once you have it, you have to live with it for some time.

dillazag said...

along, wld love to know what u conclude on the transitions as my hubby is thinking of getting one too, (nampak mcm best, je)
The ring ? Me likey.. :)