Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Tutu For Dina Yasmin

Reasons why Dina should have her very own custom made tutu....

...because she loves to dance, whether it's to the theme song of Little Einsteins or Katy Perry's Hot & Cold song.

...because her every move is a wiggle or a shake.

...because when other people walk, she hops, skips or belly dances her way.

...because she looks adorable in gowns and dresses..and a tutu would make her the ultimate princess!

...because she's such a little Diva and everybody knows tutus are a Diva's ultimate dressing choice.

...because her birthday is coming up and what better way to celebrate than by wearing a beautiful tutu as "hostess with the mostest".

...because she would make the cutest ballerina ever..and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom.

Why am I writing the above entry? Because I want to win this for Dina!!!

How cute is that?!! Dina would think I'm the best mom ever if I win this for her...hehehe..

Oya, here's how you guys can enter too.

1. Subscribe to MySuperKids and Tutu Workshop.(Every contestant must be a part of MySuperKids member and as a tutuworkshop fans – by dropping your email in the box @tutuworkshop website )
2. Make an entry titled : A Tutu For OR Tutu Untuk . e.g. A Tutu For Dania; OR; Tutu Untuk Tisya
3. Put your daughter’s cutest picture.
4. Write about – why your daughter/niece/cousin/lil sister should get a tutu / kenapa anak/anak buah/sepupu/adik saya patut dapat tutu – in your very own, creative ways.
5. Describe about the contest with link back to and
6. Inform me when you’re done at!
7. Entry should be written in English & Bahasa Malaysia only.
8. The winner will be featured in My Super Kids and Tutu Workshop.

First Prize : A Custom-Made Princess tutu 14″ length, extra puffy + accessories worth RM120.00 Second Prize : A Custom-Made Classic 10″ length, double puffy + t-shirt worth RM100.00
Third Prize : Custom-Made Poffy Classic 8 ” length, double puffy.worth RM80.00
5 Consolation Prizes : 15% discount voucher for any purchase at TutuWorkshop.

*This contest started on 7th June and will be closed on 25th June.

Good luck moms (and dads..kalau ada yang masuk contest). Fingers crossed for Dina!!


lilinbiru said...

kalau x dapek inform den..nnt i pos satu tutu kasik dina

Along said...

LB: Hang jahit sendiri kah? Wah...canggih, canggih...hehehe..
Kalau x menang pun takpe...aku pun dok pikir, kang Dina ada, si KakLong dia pun bising nak jugak..

Anonymous said...

ko tak nak join pakai tutu sekali ke?

dillazag said...

the tutu looks sooooo beautiful.. malangnya anakku dah pass that ballerina stage. it's all about hannah montana and the hoedown throwdown now.. :)

raggedyanne said...

hey along! heard the news? you won! cepat2 pi tgk kat tutuworkshop. congrats, we didn't win though. But i'm happy for you!