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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Friday, June 12, 2009

Daria's New Look

Daria is finally asleep. It took me 2 bottles of EBM AND breastfeeding her then a whole hour of rocking her in my arms before she finally succumbed. She's reaching that stage where she doesn't want to sleep most of the time anymore; she wants to play and interact with people. She's not even a month old, it that suppose to happen so soon?

Anyhow, we've been having some very good nights, since she's not sleeping as much during the day. It also could be due to her latest hair style.

Remember this? Her extremely full head of hair?
Well, that's all gone. And I mean, ALL GONE.

Her "Dalai Lama Zen""look.
Her "Bruce Willis YippeeKayye" look.
Her "Meltdown Britney Bashing Up Car With Umbrella" look.

Hubby shaved Daria's head after one night of not sleeping (on our part) due to excessive sweating (on Daria's part) which ended up in all of us bunking in the girl's room with the aircon on.

I know, I know, pantang blum habis dah dok bilik aircon. Lantak la badan masuk angin ke apa, yang penting aku dapat tido.

Daria was ok during her head shaving session; it was her sisters that freaked out. Dania was so upset that she called my mom, crying that her baby sister was now a boy and we all had to call her Danish or Daniel from now on. Hahahahahaha...


sity29 said...

alaaa dah gonjeng eheheheh... Sian kakaknya confuse adik girl dah jadi boy huhu

raggedyanne said...

poor daria! huhuhu let's pray her hair will grow back thicker & nicer. it took nunu 3 whole years to get a bunch of significant hair back

dillazag said...

not to worry. my kids all gonjeng masa kecik. elok pulak tumbuh rambutnya.. :)

btw, just to remind you that you've been awarded the Uber Amazing Blog fr me dan maka dengan sebab itu perlu membuat tag. Refer di sini, ya:

Aunt Juicebox said...

GASP What have you gone with my baby!!!! I will be right to your house to take her back.

fizi said...

tembamnya pipi dierrr... :)

Aapitz said...

hahahaaa..takper nanti ckp kat dania, biler rambut adik dah tumbuh nanti..lagi cantik

Along said...

Sity: I know, the girls were very upset with hubby.

RA: We did the same thing with Dina and she grew her hair back fairly quickly. Hopefully the same will happen with Daria.

Dilla: Itu la..I'm not worried. Lagipun sian, she was sweating so much all the time.
ps: Will do ur blog tag soon. Nak carik masa pikir ni yg payah sket...hehehe..thanks for the award tho.

AJ: OMG...I'll distract you with a life sized cutout of Edward Norton at my door.

Fizi: Memang. Sedap digigit!!

Apit: Dania dah ugut abah dia, jangan cukur kepala adik dia lagi..hahaha..

Yan said...

OMG! byknya rambut die!!!! sooooo cute!! love the BIG beautiful eyes! ;))