Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Birthday Note to Dania Jazmin - 7 Years Old

Last Sunday, my not-so-little girl anymore turned 7. Seven!! How is that possible? It seems like only yesterday you were still breastfeeding and learning to walk. Now, you're zooming all over the house in lightning speed.

In contrast to last year's birthday celebration, this year's was very low key. This was due to the fact we have a new member of the family and my hands are full with taking care of her. But you didn't care, it was enough that your abah bought you a cake and you had your family members around you to celebrate.
What can I say about you turning 7? For one thing, you've grown into such an amazing girl. So many accomplishments that I've failed to note down in my blog. You started Standard One this year and the transition from play school to regular school has been effortless. It hasn't been much of a hassle to wake you in the morning, in fact most of the time, you wake me and abah up! You come home from school everyday with a smile on your face and lots of stories about what you did with your friends at school. Homework has been a breeze too, though I wish you would check your answers more regularly. Your exam results have been very good that you deserve the small earrings I bought you a few months back.

You lost your 2 front teeth this year. You've also grown much taller and have started to lose your baby fat. My chubby gal is chubby no more.
You've started asking serious questions, questions that sometimes require me to consult Google for the answers. You've become interested in grown up things like make up and accessories. Forgive me for not being the type of mom who's into all of these things. Thank god for you Wan who indulges you sometimes with fancy hair clips and pretty bracelets.

Since now you have two younger sisters, you've become such a helper around the house. It's like you've realised how grown up you now are. You simply adore Daria and eventhough you constantly fight with Dina, deep down I know you love her with all your heart. It shows when you patiently teach Dina how to do her spelling. It shows when you draw pictures for her to color. It shows when you help get her glass of water when she's done with her dinner. All the things you do for your sisters, it just shows how much love you have to give.

Dearest Dania,

Being the eldest isn't easy. I know, I talk from experience. So if ever you feel you're being unfairly punished for things your sisters did, please forgive me and abah. Our love for you will never diminish, will never falter. I am grateful for all the days we have together. I am grateful for all the love and laughter we share together. I am grateful for our health, our wealth, the blessings that have been placed on our family.

I am grateful for you, my daughter. In the words of Jerry McGuire, you complete me!

Happy 7th Birthday, Manja.
Love, ibu.


dillazag said...

Happy 7th birthday dearest Dania. What a great gift you got this year- a baby sister! Have fun this year and be good to mummy, aight?

happy2gether said...

Along, congrats!selamat berpantang...dah ada power puff girls..heheheh....she's so cute, rambut pon lebat sgt..

sorry for the late wish...x smpt nak lama2 dok kat PC coz mlm jek bila hubby dah x pakai Internet baru ley blog hopping...

To Dania Jazmin, Happy Birthday and remember you have a great Mummy...!

dillazag said...

You've been chosen to receive the Uber Amazing Blog Award and you've also been tagged sista. Rajin-rajin jawab, ya!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Happy Birthday Dania! What cute girls!