Monday, February 25, 2008

Wanted: Photographers and Designers for IREE Touch

Sorry I haven't updated in quite some time. Been super busy, if not with work, then with work related to my new spa. Actually I don't like to call it a spa coz what we've got planned for it is so much more. We're IREE Touch, Post Natal Home Care Services, Wellness & Beauty Care.

A mouthful, right?

Anyway, Ida and myself have been meeting up everyday, talking about our business plan, our treatment packages, checking out beauty spa suppliers, surveying furniture, meeting with contractors, etc. It's been hectic but fun at the same time. I've been getting only 4 hours of sleep since Monday but hopefully it's only until our center opens.

Anyway, we're looking for people/designers to help us with our promotional materials, such as flyers, website and such.

As we have NO BUDGET to pay cash for these services, what we can offer is the following:
1. Free membership to IREE Touch, valid for 2 years.
2. 2 x Rejuvenating Full Body Massage (Free) worth RM160
3. 2 x Foot Reflexology (Free) worth RM90
4. 2 x Pedicure and Manicure + Henna (Free) worth RM120
5. 2 x Whitening and Hydrating Facial (Free) worth RM100

The above mentioned treatments can be taken at IREE Touch or at the comfort of your own home.

Any takers? Let me know kay? Can also email me at Thank you.



if u need any help, just give a holler ya! anything at all.

Anonymous said...

Would love to help you out, but I'm in Singapore *snifffff* Kinda looking for people/places/products to practice my photography...

Anyway, came here thru CurlyWurlyBooBoo.