Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Past & The Future

I was tagged by Azalea. Here we go...

20 Years Ago, 1985
I was 9 years old. Err..where was I? Living in KL, I think. Went to school at Convert Bukit Nanas. Believe it or not, one of my classmates and dearest friend at the time was Nori Abdullah, the daughter of our Prime Minister. I was always top of the class, either first or second. First time I was hospitalized for severe diarrhea (taun). Don’t drink water from the roadside vendor. Oh, this was the year I chipped my front tooth from falling off my bike. And landing in the drain. After getting hit by a lorry driver. Who was half drunk. Stupid apek sayur!!

10 Years Ago, 1995
I was studying in Sunway College, doing my A-Levels. Which I hated coz I was so stuuupidd at it. Family was staying in Taiping, a place I love dearly for its wonderful cool weather. Then they moved back to Subang, which I also loved coz I got to go home and do laundry every weekend. No boyfriend at that time but several admirers. I just wasn’t in the mood at that time. Still hung up about SN, I guess.

5 Years Ago, 2000
I graduated from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. With a 3.48 CGPA. Hehehe…in the most boring honors degree known to man, Double major in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Mathematics. Can you say DORK?!! My family came for my graduation and we all went to LA for a holiday.

It was during this year I started my first job. Which I am still stuck in, but enuff moaning about that.

This was also the year hubby proposed to me. OK, so he didn’t actually propose. In fact it was the most unromantic thing ever; he blurted out “Fine, then let’s get married” while we were having a 10,000 megawatt fight with each other. Of course I took it to heart, so the next day I announced to my mom that hubby and I wanted to get married. Within 20 minutes, every single member of my family had been informed and my aunt was already picking out my nikah dress.

3 Years Ago, 2002
Dania Jazmin came into this world and changed our lives forever. One of the happiest day of my life. I can still recall everything that happened; the bleeding, the calm wife (me), the panic stricken father-to-be (hubby), the wonderful doctor and nurses, the admission into the labor room, the dilation (5cm), the lack of pain, the drip, the pain, the great-grandmother-to-be pacing in the hallway, the pain, the absence of both grandmothers-to-be coz I was 3 weeks early damn it, the pain, the pain, oh god the pain, the frantic hubby, the epidural doctor, the first game of the 2002 World Cup on Astro between France and Senegal, the epidural not working, 10cm dilation, major-major contractions, the baby coming out as the commentator shouted GOAL!!! Senegal beats France 1-0.

Last Year, 2004
Yet another wonderful addition to our family, Dina Yasmin. Horrible pregnancy, to think we almost didn’t make it in the beginning. But Dina has proven to be a fighter, coming out into the world at 3.49kg. Only 2 days shy of her due date. Much easier delivery than Dania, thanks to heaps of gas that made me high as a bird the entire time.

This Year, 2005
Got a new maid to replace the old one. Began obsession with MPVs. Sister-in-law got married so finally another person to contribute to the grandchildren-making fund. Dad took early retirement. Work wise, still the same.

Next Year, 2006
Planning major holiday family trip overseas. Hopefully the apartment we bought will be ready so we can start renting it out and getting some extra income coming in. Further studies, perhaps? Parents will be moving into new house in Shah Alam, so will spending a lot of time there too. Is my brother planning on getting married? Ello, ellooo..are you?

10 Years from Now, 2015
Insya’allah will have 5 kids by then; don’t care how many girls or boys. Will be living in a bigger house with a nice big lawn so the kids can run around and play outside. Will finally have my dream MPV. Will have quit the rat race and opened up my own business of being a wedding planner. Inys’allah, will live a long, happy and prosperous life with hubby and the kids.

Everyone I know has already been tagged with this post. So I'm leaving it open, whoever feels like doing it, let me know in my comments section and I'll check your post out.


Mrs B said...

Hey, CBNner! I was from there too! tho many years before you, hehe. Mrs Manuel era (horrid woman she is).

tash said...

hey there...din know u r from tpg..i'm from tpg too, a convent girl as well..
well u sure hav a nice journey so far..mine still a long way to go...

ibuVouge said...

hi along..
dah lama tak lawat blog ni
wonderfull story...moga apa yg di ingini akan tercapai

Anonymous said...

Next year? Try 2010 sis.. bwahahaha!!


Along said...

Mrs B: Hehehe, actually I can hardly call myself a CBNer coz I was there only for 2 1/2 years. Mrs Manuel? Was she the principal then? I have hardly any memories of the teachers there, only my classmates. Anyway, welcome Mrs B. Thanks for the comment.

Tash: Actually I'm born and bred in KL. Just that my family moved to Taiping, following my dad who was tranfereed there. I think they stayed there for like 3 years or so. I wasn't around coz time tu staying at college hostel. But still during holidays, I loved staying in Taiping. Sejuk!!

Ibuvogue: Thank you. Semoga semua impian kita tercapai. :D

Bro: Yo!! Ibu knows about this or not? Hahahaha...I know why. Coz ur still broke, right? Haiya..sian.

cncz said...

ooh you went to Vandy. Your babies are so cute!

I hate delifrance too. I ate at one once, it was a total NO.

thanks for coming by my blog!