Monday, September 19, 2005

Do Not Eat at Delifrance!!

Because it sucks. And the food is overrated and overpriced. My story as below.

Last week, hubby took Dania and myself to Sunway Pyramid. Our initial plan was to get him a Wi-Fi SD card for his new iPAQ, which I had been duped into believing already HAD built-in Wi-fi in it. Anyway, we got out of the house around 2.00pm, so we decided to have lunch first before going window-shopping. We had the usual debate (where do you want to eat? I dunno, where do you want to eat? I dunno, where do you want to eat?) then after 15 minutes of walking around and reading the store directory twice, we finally decided to eat at Delifrance. The pictures they posted on the walls of the restaurant looked sooooo promising and delightful.

So we went in and the waitress came to take our order. I ordered the salmon, hubby got the beef something while Dania had the pasta. I ordered apple juice for hubby while Dania and myself had ice lemon tea.

After taking down our order, the waitress gave me the order slip. HUH? Oh, apparently you have to take the order slip and go to the counter to pay first. Okay…like you can’t do it for me. Honey, you just got your tip slashed off!! So I headed for the counter with my trusty Visa and after watching the cashier punch in, delete and then punch in the order 3 times, I had finally paid and we could now alert the chef to start cooking our order.

Dania’s order came first. First thing that came to my mind when seeing the dish was…is that all? Come on, at least Secret Recipe makes an effort to drown the pasta in meatball sauce. To give you an idea of how small the serving was…Dania finished it. Ok, almost finished it.

Next was hubby’s order. What came were two lumps of beef, DRENCHED in raw barbeque sauce (believe me, they just poured barbeque saucer right out from the bottle over the entire plate), 3 slices of carrot (hard), two broccoli stumps and two moles of baked potatoes (burnt). I asked hubby how it tasted like; like boiled meat saturated in BBQ sauce.

My order was no different. I had ordered the Salmon with lemon herbs filling. Let’s just say, the salmon…well, I had to squeeze out all the lemon juice to cover the “undercooked” sensation the fish gave me. The carrots I got were also hard and the potatoes were also..surprise…burnt. I dunno if they meant to do that but whatever it was, it didn’t taste all that good.

All in all it was an eating disaster. But the best part had yet to come. Remember the two lumps of meat hubby got? Well, actually only one of them was actual meat; the other was…wait for it…fat!!! A whole big inedible lump of fat!! Hubby waved over the waitress as soon as he found out.

“Err..excuse me. Ni…this is just fat. There’s no meat.”

“Let me check with the chef, sir.”

Two minutes later.

“Sir, it’s supposed to be like that.”

Blink. Blink. Blink. “Suppose to be like that?!!”

“Yes sir.”

Okaaayyy…looks like we paid RM26 for a BBQ sauce drenched meat and a lump of fat!! Wonderful.

Seriously. RM26. And hubby was still hungry after we had finished eating.

I had initially wanted to take a picture of the fat, but hubby didn’t want me to make a scene. So I’m just gonna type out what we ate and how much it cost us…and you can all tell us how big of a loser we are for eating at Delifrance at the first place.

Iced lemon tea – RM5.60
Apple Juice – 6.50 (it wasn’t even served in those tall glasses but more of like those whiskey glasses, where you can drink the entire contents in one gulp. Sheesh)
Pates A La Forestiere (I guess this was the Pasta) – RM15.90
Poitrine De Boeuf Au BarBeque – RM25.90
Filet De Salmon Au Beurr – RM23.90

Plus tax, everything came up as RM81.65. Good grief!!

So lesson learned. Do not eat at Delifrance ever again. Their croissants aren’t that good either.


azrin said...

ha'ah, I'm sharing ur opinion obout DF!! Dah laa mahal nak mampus!! Tak sedap mana pun!! chait, puihh!! hahhaa...

AzaLea said...

tu la..Deli"France" tu kan...ehehe...anyway, with the lack of service and food quality, i wouldn't be suprised they will be out of business and bungkus tikar and go back to wherever they came from :)
The last time I went to deli france was when i was in secondary school, then again that was becoz lots of cafes & restaurants weren't around that time. Always thought they charged too much..with your experience in mind, I'm sure not to step into one at all forever!

Along said...

Azrin: Yes, yet another unsatisfied customer. How they are staying in Business is beyond me. No customer service, bad food, expensive. Argh...never again.

Azalea: Hahah...same here, same here. Once bitten...

Anonymous said...

Hi Long..I had the same experience at Ampang Park Delifrance. And watch out for Coffee Beans too. I had a really bad pasta for RM15 and the mineral water in a mini bottle, guess how much..RM4.50. I thought it was from the French Alps, but turned out..Ulu Tiram. By the way, your blog is my fav blog (I check it almost everyday since I have so much free time during this confinement)/ Keep up the good work! Zai

aapitz said...

ooooo....padan ler mahal
Nak sebut pon susah menu dier...berbelit2 lidah aku...

Tuh kire bayar suasana kat french aaa kot....dgn nama menu yg tak paham...

aahahahhahahhiihih... :)

azrin said...

saja nak bagi translation sikit:

Pates A La Forestiere
= Pasta sayur

Poitrine De Boeuf Au BarBeque
= Dada Lembu BBQ

Filet De Salmon Au Beurre
= Daging ikan salmon bermentega

Along said...

Zai: Wei, ko pun sama. See, it's not just me. Still I wonder how they can still be in business. I guess everyone who goes is a 1st timer kot, after that...tobat!! ps: Gambar baby mana?!! sms me ur address, kot2 le dpt aku lari pi rumah ko melawat :D.

Apit: Suasana french kebenda?!! Langsung tak teresa macam kat Paris langsung. Hampeh sungguh...

Azrin: Thank you for the translation. Kalau nak translate daging ikan salmon tak masak camne? Hehehee...

sexymama said...

Yeah, it's getting expensive to eat there and the quality is pretty low.

Kampung Gal said...

but the chouqettes are superb!

noresh said...

next time kan, buat sendiri la. it's not that hard pun. lagi puas hati.

Along said...

Sexymama: Yes, price high but quality low. Do not go there. You ahve been warned.

Kampung Gal: But it's still expensive. Plus I think Rotiboy has better bread than them.

Noresh: Memang selalu masak pun, pasta kejadah tu somo. Ni saja je nak cuba..but after this, tadak ah. I'll rather eat at Secret Recepi. Kenyang and sedap.

Anonymous said...

Delifrance should be called DeliKiasu or DeliSing or perhaps DeliPCK for it's singapore origin. yes it's a singapore venture....
Perancis sangat...

Euphoria said...

Lol along.. Dari dulu i knew Delifrance sucks! Memang mahal sesaja.. i stop going there for a longgg time dah xD