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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

If We Had A Chandelier in the Office, I Would Be Swinging From It

I’m sliding in Full Blown Craziness. My project scheduled for the 20th is not going as planned. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Everything that should be ready is not ready. I’ve realized that maybe I don’t have great “people skills” after all. Next time I really should make sure I’ve hung up the phone before I shout FUCK YOU out loud.

That been said, my colleagues have been angels. Everybody has been so supportive and are all trying their best to get things right again. If not for these people, I would have hid under my table and cried quietly.

I should go back to work. Please pray for my sanity.


AzaLea said...

Oh no..poor Along,proves that the tongue is faster than the hands. Hope things will get better for you. I am also at the verge of losing sanity. Maybe we can do it together :)

sexymama said...

Kiddo, got get some chocolate to eat. It'll make u feel better.

aapitz said...

ahahhahaaaa....nasib baik dpt good team player....kalo dpt team player yg hampeh.....cannos..??lagi sakit jiwa woooo....

Good luck long, be strong...if you die....i die also...ehehheee

lieawulf said...

chill along, smileee hehehe.

ah, at times, you do need to become the monster and kill the dinosaur gal next door. hehehe (yeah, i dont expect u to understand :P )

mumsgather said...

Hey there! Have you come down from the chandelier yet? ;) Seriously, I hope everything is going as planned now.

Ayah said...

Kalau kitorang nak pray for your colleagues sanity, boleh kan ker?

Along said...

Azalea: Yes, let's lose our sanity together. It would be so much more fun being admitted into Tanjung Rambutan with a friend, instead of alone. :D

Sexymama: If only I had time to go out and find some chocolate!! I should make use of hubby at times like these.

Apit: Yes, nasib baik le team player can pakai one. If not...waa terjun bangunan woo.

Alia: I'll just nod and pretend to understand what you meant. I feel like there's a story behind this dragon business. Do share!!

MG: Nope, still swinging. Will come down tomorrow after the event is over and done with but I'm sure management will think of other projects to throw at me so I can stay longer swinging from the chandelier. Sigh...

Ayah: Hahahah...ur right. They'll need the prayers too.