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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Friday, September 09, 2005

Happy 4th Anniversary!!

Actually it was yesterday but everyone was too busy preparing slides for today’s Business Plan presentation meeting, so I didn’t have time to do my entry.

What did I finally get for hubby?!!


After much deliberation and discussions with my fellow colleagues, I finally decided to get him this......

A HP iPAQ 6500 Series.

This thing rocks!!! It has Bluetooth, GPRS, quad-band GSM, Wi-Fi, Intel processor , 1Mg camera, video capture, MMS, GPS ( in case you can’t find your way home), speaker phone, Window Media Player. 64MB built in memory, dual memory card slots (SDIO and miniSD) and loads more features. It’s like a PC, phone, camera, camcorder and MP3 player rolled into one. Click here for more info.

Luckily HP was also doing a promotion until the 18th, so with the standard package (which had the cradle, headset jack, battery, power cable and clip on casing) I also got the complete car kit, the battery charger with extra battery and some other stuff like the wipe cloth for the screen, 2 of those pencil thingies (what do you call them?), and screen protector. The shop owner also threw in a 256 SD card and I added in a 256 miniSD card, which I got at a discounted rate.

How much did it cost? DON’T ASK!! But everything’s available when you can use the Easy Payment scheme. Thank God for 0% interest.

Thanks to Maiz and Ju who followed to Sunway Pyramid to buy this. Muchas gracias!!

What did I get in return? Errrr...lot and lots of hugs and kisses. Hehehehee...I dunno. Hubby though we were waiting until Saturday to celebrate, but I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face after getting his present. It was priceless, to say the least. So now he’s worried about what to get me, coz I’ve set the standard so high. Hahahahahaaha...

But I love him and he works so hard and he’s totally worth it.

Maybe I should ask for a Perodua Myvi as my new car. Hehehehee..


sity29 said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh canggihnyaaa
baru je smalam i talked to my hubby about getting one for myself .. (ni kes beranganla ni)hehehhe best best adiah best :)) congrats again along on ur pencarian mencari hadiah!!! along berjaya!!!!

psstt: boleh start pk nak kasik ape thn depan laks heheh

aapitz said...

wahhh....along like I said....really damm good bargain...mmg tak rugi laaa. Kalo nak kira all the additional accesories, mau makan beratus jugak tuh.

Rasa rugi laaa, i beli my hp PDA tak tunggu this kind of promo....kalo tak sure can get more things.

Anyway....that pencil thingy called STYLUS....hehehhe

p/s. Congrats on your anniversary. Hope years coming will be more joyous and prosperous. Hope you small family will getting bigger and bigger...hihiih

Along said...

Sity: Hehehe, tq, tq. Boleh le beli jugak. Pakai 0% interest, everything can afford. Right now I'm paying for this iPAQ, my digital camera and washing machine all at once. Hahahah...die woo.

Aapitz: Takpe, can trade in your old HP PDA and get this one.Hehehehe. Oooo, stylus ke nama dia? Now got PDA in the house, must learn all these terms. Tq for the anniversary wishes too.

maizmalik said...

Arrrkkkk..excitednyee dengar citer along hehe..apek yang jual pda tu pun 'BAGUSSS'kan? HAHAHA

Happy anniversary!

tash said...

fuh! nice one! congratulation!!! happy happy always k!

Along said...

Maiz: Hehehe..yer, memang BAGUUUSSS!!! lorat punya apek. Nak story pasel GPS map tu, pi cite aku nak pi ladies nite kat zouk, ape ke benda. Hahahah, so very lawaks.

Tash: Thanks!! Nice seeing you again.

AzaLea said...

Happy 4th Anniversary Along!!
That's a cool gadget you got for your husband, I'll be dying to have one for myself, haha mungkin kena tunggu 4th Anniversary kot, baru dapat ...ehehehe

Maria said...

A HP iPAQ 6500 = Myvy.
wah...your calculation very good LOL...

Along said...

Azalea: I think when ur 4th anniversary, got iPAQ yg lagi canggih. Hehehee...

Maria: Yelah..must think like that one. Hubby sweating already over what to get me. Hehehehee...

Joe said...

mintak la ko nye mpv as a gift.. sampai sekarang aku nengok, tak beli2 gak..