Friday, May 20, 2005

What We Did In KK

Day 1
So we arrived in KK around 5pm. Actually I arrived much earlier and had to wait at the airport for nearly 2 hours. After grabbing a taxi, I headed out to Terminal 2 to pick up hubby and Dania, then we headed off to our hotel.

I had picked Hyatt Regency coz
1. It was a 4 star hotel but much cheaper than Shangri-La Tanjung Aru (half the price)
2. It was smack in the middle of town which made walking to wherever we wanted to go to possible.

Hyatt Regency KK.

The room was nice but unfortunately we didn’t get one with the view of the sea. Instead we got one that was overlooking the cafĂ© so every night we were serenaded by the hotels’ band, which, fortunately, was very good.

The first night, we walked along the towns’ beach strip, looking for some place to eat. We went through the Filipina market, which is basically a souvenir place. Thousands of souvenirs available at really cheap prices. We didn’t stop to shop coz all of us were hungry so we just browsed around to see what was available. Finally, after walking from one end of the beach strip to the other (with plenty of complaints from Dania), we decided to eat at the pasar malam (night market). Food was nice and very cheap.

Day 2

Dania at the breakfast table. More cornflakes please, ibu.

The next morning, we decided to take a walk around town. I had planned for us to go up the Signal Observatory Hill and see Atkinson Clock Tower.

If you plan to do a lot of sightseeing, DON’T bring along a 3 year old. Especially one that ENJOYS whining all the way.

“Ibu, penatlah. Dukung!!” (Ibu, I’m tired. Carry me!!)
“Bile nak sampai ni?” (Are we there yet?)
Tak bestlah jalan-jalan ni. Nak balik hotel, mandi swimming.” (This sucks. Let’s go back to the hotel and go swimming.)


So at last, we didn’t go up Signal Hill. We did get to see the Clock Tower. Pictures as below.

The Atkinson clock tower, halfway up the hill.

About the Atkinson Clock Tower.

Dania and Ibu enjoying the sights in KK town

Dania in front of the water fountain

Dania and Abah with Mr Swordfish in the background.

It rained a little bit in the afternoon so we spent the rest of the day in the room, watching movies. Finally, I got to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Great movie, by the way. Dania was a little freaked out by the werewolf scene but overall she loved it.

Watching Harry Potter in the hotel room. Ooo, he's handsomelah, ibu.

Hubby took Dania to the swimming pool around 6pm. I followed suit ½ hour later. Terminator 2 was on; Edward Furlong rocks!! Hahahaha. You can see pictures of Her Royal Highness swimming like the little mermaid below.

Dania and Abah at the swimming pool

Dania luuuurrrvvvvess swimming!!

A colleague of ours had promised to take us out for dinner that night. I was already visualizing tasty prawns, lobsters and fish. This was exactly what we ordered when we got there. Thanks to Sobrie and Deen for taking us to Salut Seafood Restaurant. For three people, we ate seafood until we burst and it only cost us RM132.00 In KL, I can imagine it would have cost us at least triple the amount.

What we ate at Salut Seafood Reastaurant. BURPPP!!

With our tummies full, we headed back to the hotel. Hubby asked if I wanted to go island hopping the next day but I didn’t want to get too ambitious.

Dania tired out.

Work calling (yes, I’m blogging on company time) so more on our trip in the next entry.


Shamira said...

We had fun, didn't we. Well, Good for you!

noresh said...

awesome pixs long!!

ehhh... u still have that old gritty converse ka?? tak hancuss lagi ke?

btw, why tak bawak stroller?? the key to walking long and hard with a 3-year-old in tow is to put them in the stroller when they are tired so that they can recharge their batteries. i did that last year when we were travelling all over Europe. wouldn't have survived without the faithful maclaren.

one last Q, how did you post your pixs all in one post without the irritating 'posted by' and 'comments' popping up after each picture? pakai picasa gak ke?

more tales of KK ya?!!

marybishop said...

What great photos - made me feel like I was there with you. That dinner must have been something else...

Sweet sleeping daughter photo stole my heart.

Along said...

Shamira: Yeah, we did have fun.

Noresh: Gritty converse? Vans actually. But yes, those trusty sneakers are still alive!! 7 years old and still going strong. Hehehe..

Itulah konon malas nak bawak stoller. Next time I'll have to bring two if I intend to bring Dina along too.

About the pictures, what I do is I upload all the pictures using Picasa (Hello) then I edit them and paste them into the written blog.

MB: Thanks for the comment. Yes, the dinner was awesome.

Twinsmom said... packing man...I love the one with swordfish as the background, ada gaya hehehe...