Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Birthday Note to Dania

Dearest Dania Jazmin,

Happy 3rd birthday my dear.

I can’t imagine, exactly three years ago you came into my life. Even we hadn’t plan for you so soon after getting married, the news of you was certainly most welcome. After 36 weeks of morning sickness, cramps, back aches and 5 ½ hours of labor, there you were. When the nurse placed you in my arms, I gazed into your eyes and just knew..I KNEW, everything I had suffered through was totally worth it.

My Little One - a few days old, and so full of life.

I remember the day we brought you home. We stayed at Wan’s house during my confinement. You were such a happy baby, even then winning people over with your big eyes and scrunched up nose. Even when you cried, it sounded like music to my ears coz it was proof that I had indeed given birth to a 2.4kg baby, that I was indeed A MOTHER.

The days went by swiftly. You learned things quickly; I always suspected you had your fathers’ features and your mothers’ brains. You were rolling, sitting up and standing in what seemed to be a matter of months. It was amazing to watch you. It was heartbreaking for me when I had to go back to work. Still I cherish the fact that I was there for your first clap, your first donkey laugh, your first step. Thank you God, for these small miracles.

So smart. So happy.

For a long time after you were born, I would wake up in the middle of the night, just to see you sleep and hear you breathing. I would creep up on you and place my little finger in your hand and you would squeeze it so tightly, I swear you had waken up. I would steal a kiss and comb your hair with my fingers and you would give me a little smile and sigh. Hopefully you dreamt of flowers and rainbows and cute little rabbits, just like those in Telletubby land.

Sleeping Cutie.

What can I say about you now? You’re a totally different kid than when we brought you home. You’re fiercely independent but still want my attention and assistance when the time suits you. Most of the time is when I’m paying attention to your little sister.

You have such a smart mouth on you; I swear I never can tell what’s gonna come out of your mouth sometimes. Your grandparents and everyone else thinks it’s cute and adorable; let’s see them handle you for a week. I’m sure they’ll drop from sheer exhaustion from having to deal with all your questions (usually several at one go). Am I complaining? NO! I hope you’ll always come to me and feel free to talk like this, even when (if) you grow up to be an obnoxious teenager. Just don’t forget, your mother is the coolest one around so don’t ever think you can’t talk to me about anything.

A cheeky smile for Ibu.

I love the fact you picked up my habit of reading, especially now since you’ve taken up the duty of reading to your sister. I love the way you explain the pictures in your own funny way, making all the animal sounds and causing your sister to break into hysterical laughs at times.

Hard at work.

I love it when you hug me from behind and kiss me on my cheek. I love it when you take initiative and rub my shoulders; you just seem to know when I’ve had a hard day at work. I secretly love it when it rains, coz you’re afraid of the thunder and you always want me to hold and comfort you. I realize these moments are a treasure coz eventually you’ll grow out of your fear and won’t want or need me to hug and cuddle you anymore.

I love it when you pull my hand and say “Ibu, let’s dance!” and we’d jump, hop and dance to the theme of Bob the Builder or whatever cartoon that’s on TV. We’d dance till we fall down and can’t get up, then we would both start laughing for no apparent reason, just that we realized how silly we must have both looked, with our arms and legs twitching about.

Let's dance some more, Ibu!

There are so many things I want to say to you, so many moments I want to write about here. If there is ever a moment I get mad at you and scream and shout like a mad banshee, please remember how much your parents love you and how much you’ve changed our lives for the better. When you came, you completed our lives and made the world a much brighter place to live in. Because of you, I have a stronger and more meaningful purpose in life.

My Little Princess

Hope this birthday rocks, Manja.



aapitz said...

Along, I hope Dania can read all these writing and know how much her Ibu loves her..... how much her life has cherished yours. For sure you will missed her first little step, her first word and her first giggle....

Dania Jazmin, auntie wish you a wonderful and joyous birthday. Semoga jadi anak yang solehah yer....selalu dengar kata Ibu. AMIN

mummydarling said...

happy wonderful and joyous birthday to the birthday girl. Before you know it its her 10th, 15th, 20th birthday... time flies when you don't want to... happy celebrating!!

Along said...

Apit and Meowmeow: Thank you for your wishes. Can't believe Dania is 3 already. Sometimes I feel so old!!

But wiser..definately wiser. :D

Anonymous said...

Dearest Princess Jazmin,

Am lost for words in describing how much love, joy & happiness you have brought to our lives..

Happy 3rd Birthday Anja!!

*Lots of love - Big Hugz*

Anonymous said...

Along, happy birthday to your beautiful daughter..
Am jealous because.. our wedding day is the same day (cheh) but you're already a mother of TWO beautiful daughters!! :P


marybishop said...

Great photos, great words, and Along, I know you are a great mother. What a beautiful, talented, smart little girl. The last picture is just stunning...

Happy Birthday Dania!

marybishop said...

ps - I forgot to say Jasmin (different spelling but the same name) is my mother's maiden name!

Good choice of a middle name!

azrin said...

Allah selamatkan kamuuu Jasmin ;)

Along said...

I am overwhelmed by all your kind words and wishes. Angah, Nani, MB and Azrin...thank you, thank you, 10,000 times thank you!!

lin said...

happy belated bday dania..
no matter how old u gonna be, u r still your mummy's baby...
(ahh boleh buat slogan nih)..hehe

u r so lucky along ...