Friday, May 27, 2005

What We Did In KK - Part 2

So it’s Day 3 in Kota Kinabalu. Hubby’s flight is at 9.15pm, so after breakfast I headed off to the reception counter to request for a late check out time. The lady there was kind enough to let us stay until 5pm, no extra charge. Wuhuu for Hyatt Regency!!

We had initially planned to go island hopping but Dania was itching to go swimming again. So we scrapped our plans and spent most of the morning lazing around the swimming pool.

I received a call from Jojet around 12pm, saying that the rest of the team had touched down in KK. Mimi smsed me, saying that there would be a briefing at the event venue at around 4pm. I called up Sobrie and asked him to come and fetch us at Hyatt at around 3.30pm.

Sobrie, bless his heart, was kind enough to take us sightseeing first. Being a regular visitor to KK, he knew of all the nice places to take pictures and see the beautiful ocean view. We went to Sutera Harbour Resort and took pictures by the jetty. Pictures as below.

Dania and Abah in one of the mini parks at Sutera Harbour.

Dania and Abah eyeing the jet skis.

Us at the Sutera Harbour Resort jetty. Notice the yatchs behind us.

Dania and and old boat (called Matahari, which means "The Sun") in the background.

Taking a breather by the jetty at Sutera Harbour Resort.

Sobrie took this picture. I love it!

We then headed off to Pantai 2, with Deen, for some refreshments. We took a stroll by the beach and enjoyed the gentle breeze and the smell of the ocean. We ate keropok lekor, which tasted mighty delicious. It was heaven.

Dania and Ibu by the beach.

One of my favorite pictures of hubby and Dania together.

We arrived at Shangri-La Tanjung Aru around 6.30pm. Hubby and Dania got ready to head home. I was feeling kind of sad to see them leave. It had been a nice holiday getaway, even though it would have been nicer if Dina had been with us too.

We went to the airport at around 8.30pm (it was just 5 minutes from the hotel). After checking in his bags, hubby took some last pictures of Dania in KK. Here’s one with a friend she made while waiting for her flight. How friendly she is!! I hope she never loses the trait of making friends easily.

Dania with her new friend at the airport.

After seeing hubby and Dania off, I went back to the hotel to crash. I could feel a headache coming and was starting to experience tell tales of a fever (sore throat, blurry vision, sweaty palms). Great, tomorrow the event starts and I’m getting sick.

2 Panadols later, with the hotel robe, socks and slippers on, I finally doze off.


Anonymous said...

sorry to interrupt yr story, but Sobri tu, budak ex scholar ke?


Along said...

Nani: Wah, blum habis paste cite dah ada comment..hehehe..

Pasel Sobri tu, not so sure lah plak. Nanti I'll ask him.

Kenapa? Ada nak buat jejak kasih ke? Sobri yg ni dah kawinlah :D

ibuVouge said...

cutenya...dia... chubby tapi sweet
rasa cam nak picit picit pipi..

Twinsmom said...

urgh...along...your blog make me can't wait for my Cherating trip...

Along said...

Ibuvogue: memang selalu kena cubit pun. Sebab geram pun ada, sebab kekadang nakal pun ada...hehehe..

twinsmom: Make sure you take lots of photos ahhh. And then post up on ur blog. Hope ur trip will be as great as mine was.