Saturday, August 20, 2011

China Trip - Day 2

Okla, we continue my China Trip. I just need to jot this down for memories sake.

We started off Day 2 with a visit to the Host Company's exhibition center. It was an interesting visit, if not very technical. I guess I understood 50% of what was being discussed. I'm more of  a visual person anyway, all these technical solutions never really catch my interest anyway.

The rest of the team, apparently understanding what was being presented. Heee.
Me, trying to understand. Hmmm....
The staff going out for lunch. Despite going out in the hundreds, it was so organized and efficient. Like clockwork.
The luxury coach from the side. Giller best!!
This is where we went for lunch, a Chinese Muslim restaurant. It has really good food. Best of all, it had....
....roasted lamb!!! It was so good...
...we gobbled the whole thing up!! Like the carnivores we are.
After lunch, it was back to the hotel for prayers and a quick rest. Then we headed back to the Host Company's offices for more presentations.
Video conferencing demo, among other things.
We spent another 3 hours or so at the demo center, then it was back to the hotel for a quick bath, prayers and getting ready for dinner.
We were taken to an Indonesian Seafood restaurant for dinner.
Being seafood, the food was rather interesting. We ate squid, prawns, fish and jellyfish. Yum yum!
After dinner, we were taken for a treat....super foot massages!
We all took the specialty, ginger foot massage. I didn't take any pictures during my massage because I fell asleep half way through. It was that good. I woke up when they placed the ginger strips on my calves because it was super hot!! After a while you could feel the ginger seeping into your skin. Within an hour, our feet were revitalized and ready for more the next day.

Day 3 later!