Monday, August 08, 2011

China Trip - Day 1 Continue

So we continue my trip to China. After resting a while at the hotel (I almost fell asleep, the bed was divine!), we headed out for dinner. The Host Company had prepared a luxury coach for us, to take us around the city.

My colleague and me camwhoring in the coach. Maybe the bosses who were used to such VIP treatment were unfazed but I was impressed. The seats were heaven and they could even be rotated to face each other, so practically you could have a meeting in the coach. Like Air Force One! Hahaha...
Korang pernah tengok lampu kalimantang dalam kereta? Pernah? Complete with mini bar and a huge TV screen. Each window had its own remote controlled blinds.
On the way to the restaurant, we saw a lot of interesting buildings. I have to applaud Shenzen for being so architecturally amazing.
The entrance to our dinner tent. The Host Company took us to this Middle East restaurant. Already from the outside, it looked impressive.
The table setting. I think the tent could accommodate 10 - 12 people for a private lunch/dinner.
Among the food that was ordered. Everything was so yummy. I really liked the coconut palm drink. Everyone else thought it was too creamy..hehehe...more for me then.
This is the view outside of the tents. I don't know what a castle has to do with the Middle East but it was rather impressive, nonetheless. This is were the public can sit down for their lunch/dinner. We didn't have time to explore the castle though as we were suppose to go see a cultural show (which we were already late for!)
The entrance and map to the cultural show. I think the place was called Shenzen - Window of the World or something like that. Since we arrive at night, most of the park had closed except for the cultural show. From the reviews in tripadvisor, the place is a wonderland so it was a pity we couldn't visit it during the day (kompeni hantar pi keje la wei...bukan bercuti pun!! Heheheh..)

Some pictures from the show. I took quite a few but I didn't want to miss out on the action so there was a lot I didn't record. The show was amazing!! The stage was multilevel and even had a fountain come out of it at one time. The dancers were amazing and had spectacular costumes on. Eventhough everything was in Chinese, they had a big screen TV to one side with English translations so you could follow the storyline.

Our VIP seats were smack center!! Best seats there.
Live horses!!
The props were amazing!
The Water Lily Queen arises from below...complete with fountain!

Cool laser effect!
The finale!
After the show. The place cleared our pretty quickly so we all stayed back for a while to take pictures. Our tour guide told us the Chinese characters above said "Amazing China". After seeing the show, I couldn't agree more.
Final group photo before heading back to the hotel. You could purchase a DVD of the show from one of the vendors there. The price was OK, about CNY40 each (they had DVDs for the day show and the night show).

More on Day 2 next time.