Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Heart Youtube

I upgraded my blog template. The layout looks a bit funny, especially the header but it will have to do for now. Maybe when I’m in the mood, I’ll tweak around with the layout some more. I lost some of the gadgets from my previous template like my Shoutbox and various links. Luckily I saved the old template’s coding so maybe I can still salvage those. Also, since Blogrolling has been down for some time, I decided to just use Bloggers’ bloglist widget. I think I’m still missing a few blogs though. If you find that your blog is no longer on my Blogger’s Delight list, please let me know.

I added a few widgets, like the Follower’s list (baru sorang…hehehehe) and a music playlist. Konon nak bagi nampak funky la tu. Excuse the Mandy Moore song but ever since I watched A Walk To Remember (courtesy of youtube), the song has been playing in my head again and again. I rather like it plus Mandy Moore can actually sing. And actually the movie isn’t all that bad. Kind of predictable (teenage romance and all) but still quite sad at the end.

Speaking of youtube, that site was my salvation during my resting period at home. It’s amazing how many movies I got to watch (for free!!). I was able to watch Misery (finally…I had been trying to see that movie like forever!!), Brokeback Mountain (heh…), all 3 films about Anne of Green Gables, Penelope, Atonement, Suicide Club and a few more I can’t recall.

Misery – fabulous!! Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes is dead on!! Totally Oscar worthy. James Caan’s performance was not too shabby either. I cringed during the infamous “sledgehammer scene”…Oh My God!!! I love Stephen King’s books and I thought this movie was a good representation of it, eventhough they did change a number of scenes to suit movie goers. Go see it!

Brokeback Mountain – ok I admit, I watched it because I was curious know, the whole gay cowboy thingy. Turns out it wasn’t that big of a deal; the “scene” was kind of shot in the dark to begin with and you don’t actually see much. I did think the whole premise of the story, being about forbidden love and all was quite sad. I would say go watch it if you love movies with beautiful scenery and heavy moral issues. Oh, just to entice the guys, you get to see Anne Hathaway topless. Heeee…man, that girl sure “developed” alright.

Anne of Green Gables – this was one of my most favorite films when I was a teenager. Like all the girls my age at that time, I fell in love with Gilbert Blythe. Man, was he good looking! Plus I also loved Anne Shirley and her funny antics. The two follow up films were also very good but showed too little of Gilbert, in my opinion.

Penelope – This movie is rather recent so I was surprised to see it available on youtube. I was interested in it because it had James McAvoy in it. Heee. However, the movie was rather nice too. I thought Christina Ricci looked cute with a pig snout. Haha.

Atonement – again, James McAvoy. And Heather, you were right. The movie was kind of boring but I kind of cried at the ending. I blame my hormones. Hah.

Suicide Club – This is a Japanese Horror that I had heard about a few months back. Even with the subtitles, I didn’t actually understand the whole movie. If anything, just watch it for the gory suicide scenes. And believe me, they are rather gory.


Mom-On-The-Loose said...
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Along said...

M-O-T-L: Siap ada decoy blog...hahaha...ok, thanx, have added your blog to my blogroll. :D

J.A.D said...

ow... mine is no longer there. the narcissist in me is disappointed.

hoping everyday is an easy day for you.. :)

happy2gether said... 'anne of green gable' the movie esp anne's adventures when she was a lil' girl....take care Along!

Heather said...

Some very good movies to watch! I have Penelope, but haven't watched it yet.
The thing I didn't like about Atonement was that the ending wasn't real. Had it really turned out that way, I would have liked it much better.