Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Karaoke & Pancakes

Today I went for a girls' day out with my posse. After being so sick for so many weeks, it felt really good to be able to venture outside of the house and meet up with my favorite gals. The event was a special tribute to one of our members, Akish, who was leaving Malaysia to join her hubby in Dubai.

To commemorate our long lasting friendship, we decided to go crazy and spend 3 hours at a karaoke session. I had never been before so I was a bit sceptical at the whole deal. But once I got there, hehehe...let's just say Kelly Clarkson doesn't hold a flame to my singing skills!! We sang song after song after song, most of them from the 80's and 90's, just as a reminder of how long we had been there for each other. In the end, we all had so much fun that 3 hours wasn't nearly enough.

After that, we headed for more food. Lunch had been served at the karaoke place but it wasn't enough for my appetite. Heee. So Noresh suggested we try out the new pancake restaurant since we wanted someplace nice and quiet to fill our tummies and share gossips and stories.

After eating, we all headed back home but not before we bought Akish a nice Coach keychain for her to take to Dubai.

It was a short getogether but eventhough I was dead tired by the time I got home, I look forward to our next outing. Akish, we shall all miss you so much. Keep in touch and take care. Love you and God bless.


hinorei said...

Long, if u miss her just remember her 'making love..' back-up singing..hahaha..sakit perut aku