Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pizza and Bikes

Yesterday I sent an sms to hubby (yeah, simcard no longer kaput!!). Asked whether he had eaten and told him how much we all missed him (serious, susah nak tido takde cik abg teddybear kat sebelah).

2 minutes later, I received a reply from him.

"Makan sandwich je lunch tadi. nasib baik ada tuna. mlm tadi nasib baik jumpa pizza. mcd/burger king dia xda fish. makan pizza kena rm50. air kosong je tu. miss u 2."

Alahai, sib baik aku tak ikut, if not my face also will be like pizza when coming back. Like I said, Denmark is expensive.

Just 2 more days until DH comes home. Alahai, rindunya....


Yesterday I took the kids to the playground. It's been a while since we've been there because either the weather wasn't permitting us to go or I arrived home too late. So yesterday, when the kids asked me to take them to the playground, I said yes. Dania had just recently mastered riding her two-wheeler so the kids decided to ride their bikes to the playground. Which was great, except on the way back, Dina got tired. Of course, that meant I had to push her and her bike all the way home. Grrr...


Yan said...

Hehe.. dok jauh2 kejap la baru metal sket long -) Pandai je kita ni cakap.. kengkadang hubby outstation takat pi East Coast + Utara pun kita dah meleleh air mata.. hanging there!

anamiraa said...

europe memang mahey la wey! ada experience masa kat german dulu tu. tak beli souvenier apabenda pung pasai mahal sangat! he he he..