Monday, December 03, 2007

New School for Dania

Hubby is back!! Yeah!! Kurus sket, I guess the freezing weather and the non-eating much took a bit of a toll. But still chubby...hehehehe...still my teddy bear.

Yesterday, we registered Dania at her new school, Tabika Perpaduan. A bit sad that we won't be sending her to Smart Reader anymore but I think this new school would also be good for her. Plus I plan to send her also to the Kafa school at our area. If she went to Smart Reader, my worry is that she might not be able to take an afternoon nap before going for her Kafa school.

Yesterday, we also took the girls swimming at ayah's club. Dina had a blast but Dania wasn't so happy as there were'nt any kids that wanted to play with her. So I promised that the next time we go swimming, I'll swim with her. Heeee, must buy proper swimming suit. Cannot wear T-shirtlah at the club.

I have pictures and videos of Dania, taken during her Smart Reader concert. I'll upload them soon. Till then, take care everyone.


anamiraa said...

i definitely don't have anything against smart reader, Q-dees, etc. cuma tulah takde islamic program. yang depa ajar hanya fardhu ain. hafazan, iqra' semua tu kita kena hantar separately. itu yang i mati2 nak hantar islamic montessori jugak sebab all in one. cuma next year abg darjah satu petang hantar kafa. how much kafa fees at your side ek?

Along said...

Anamiraa: That's why I'm thinking of sending Dania to Kafa school next year. I tried teaching her Iqra' myself but as usuallah, kalau ibu dia yg ajar, asyik baringlah, ngantuklah..sabar je.

Still waiting for the administor from the Kafa school to get back to me on the fees and syllabus. Will let you know when I do.