Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Am Legend

Just came back from seeing a movie with hubby. Initially we wanted to Enchanted (actually HUBBY wanted to see this...heee) but in the end I bought us tickets to see I Am Legend. I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of Will Smith but I've enjoyed his movies so far. Yes, even Men In Black II.

What can I say about the movie? For starters, it shouldn't have been rated "U". For goodness sake, it's damn scary. Seriously. Not scary ghosts, but scary like flesh eating, zombies with extra crazy strength kind of scary. There were parts of the movies where I either had my hands covering my eyes or my ears.
But of course, there were some dumb parents who brought their small kids along. There was one couple who even brought their baby along, who of course started crying once all the screaming and shouting in the movie started. We were already half way through the movie when the mother FINALLY decided to take her baby outside. Itupun lepas dah kena shhhh by the rest of the audience (moi, included!!).

Even though the movie freaked me out (zombies, in my honest opinion, are only suppose to walk sloooowwwlly, not run like Ben Johnson on steroids), I would totally watch it again. The storyline was so-so but Will Smith really carried this movie excellently. The emotions he showed, being the only person alive in NY, really made me believe that this man was all alone and was trying everything in his power to stay sane (making conversations with mannequins) so he could continue his mission to find a cure for the deadly virus. The scenes showing an empty NY were amazing. And, ok, I'll say it, the zombies, although looked very CGI at times, were freakishly scary. Another plus for the movie.

So how you might ask, were hubby and I able to go see a movie on a Sunday night? Because the kids have been shipped to Melaka. Sigh...the house seems so empty. Can't wait until Wednesday night until we're reunited again.


moby said...

A baby in a cinema? That's very smart! :P

Your hubby wanted to watch Enchanted? Interesting choice! Haha!

I can't remember the last time I watched a movie. Maybe I should ship my kids off to Melaka as well before we can do that. :D

Don't Waste Your Money/Time said...

This movie was awful. The movie's title should be changed from "I am Legend" to "I am Lousy." I had to stop the intense urge throughout the movie to projectile vomit onto the screen.

Kaklong Syikin said...


pandai along review filem ni ek..rasa nak tgk la pulak hihi.

bestnya dpt bawak anak jenjalan kat penang tu. hehe, adatlah kalau anak tidur ngan kita, mmg tak leh nak nyenyak betui, ngan tangan kaki depa kat kitalah.sabor ajelah.

aisey..rugila tak mandi jakuzi..huhu

oh, anak2 dah balik melaka. wah, banyak aktiviti boleh buat ngan cik abe tu.bila lagi nak berdua2ankan..mcm saya ank 5 ni.lagi la payah..

Along said...

Moby: I know, what were the parents thinking? Actually in my hubby's defense, he thought Enchanted was The Golden Compass. Ni kes salah tengok movie poster. Heee...

DWYT/M: Well, I liked it. I guess to each their own. Sorry the movie made you feel sick..:D.

KakLong: Seronok pi Penang, dah lama tak dpt pi bercuti ngan anak2. Itulah, galat jugak tak mandi jakuzi, hehehee..lain kali lah kot. Aktiviti bersama cik abg? Eh, itu ada bebudak kat rumah pun, still ongoing...hehehehhe...

happy2gether said...

Along, I won 2 passes for this movie, premier screening under ERA...huhuu...frm my humble point of view, Enchanted is more appealing...heheeh coz I've watched both, I am Legend did make me believe that he's all alone..eheh scary at times but I'm more sentimental type i suppose..hahahha.....