Monday, November 26, 2007

I am a "ugifte forældre" this week

I'm a single parent this week. Last night hubby took off to Denmark for a conference, in other words getting a free vacation on company's money while picking pamphlets from the various booth operators, you know, just to show that he actually DID attend the damn event.

Why didn't I follow? For one thing, Dania still has school. That's right, everyone else is enjoying their school holidays and my little girl still has school to attend too. Until the 15th of December!! Freaking kiasu Smart Reader!!

Not that I couldn't ask my M-I-L to come and babysit the kids but after checking out the weather info, I decided to axe my plans of hitchhiking with hubby across Europe. Reason - it's freaking -2 degrees over there right now!! Holy stiff nipples, batman!! Most likely, my plans to go trotting and shopping through the street of Copenhagen would be replaced by watching HBO or the Adult Channel in the hotel room.

Plus also, everything is damn expensive in Denmark (according to Dinner (without drinks) could cut you back by USD40-50. Hubby bought packets of instant mee and instant soup with him. I told him, just grab a basket of danish bread during breakfast and let that be your lunch and dinner too. Hehehee...

Finding Denmark money (kroner) was no easy feat. A lot of the money exchange booths we went to didn't even carry the currency. We found one in MV but they had limited supply, so in the end hubby exchanged money for some Euro bills.

I hope hubby can smuggle in some of those Danish buns back home. Hmmmm....buns.