Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Birthday Note to Dina Yasmin - 3 Years Old

My dearest Dina,

First of all, let ibu apologize for the delay in getting your Birthday Note up. You may not understand it now but for the past month, ibu was in a very sad place and just couldn't find the strength to write any happy notes as I should.

I don't know how much of the situation do you understand but you do know that ibu no longer has a baby in her tummy. Eventhough you may not comprehend what that means entirely, you do understand the fact that I get sad sometimes and that I need comforting. Something that you have been very good at these past weeks, with all your kisses and your hugs.

Your birthday celebration was small and simple; just you, your sister, abah and ibu. I bought your cake from Auntie Noresh who did such a great job decorating the cake with your favorite cartoon character, Spongebob. Your sister was more impressed with the cake than you were but you did give me a fierce hug and a whispered thank you.

What should I write about you turning 3? Maybe the fact that you've grown much taller and even filled out in the tummy area. Maybe the fact that eventhough you've left the Terrible Two territory, you've entered the Terrifying Three zone, which is much worst because now I can actually understand all the scolding that you give me for not making your juice the exact way you like it, or for making you share stuff with your sister. Yeah, this not-sharing thing, has got to stop because God help me, if I have to listen to one more yell of ibu, adik rampas my color pencil!!, then somebody is going to sleep outside with the stray cat that won't go away.
Maybe I should write about how Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne is your favorite song or that you now know how to draw balloons and suns. Maybe the fact that you're left-handed should also be mentioned here because not only do you write with your left hand, you eat, drink, throw and hit with your left hand too. Sometimes I think you became a lefty just so you could be MORE different than everyone else because if there is one word that can summarize you is DIFFERENT.

My dearest Tigger,

But you being different is exactly why I love you so much. I love the way talk, eventhough you're still pelat, it gives me the sense that you're still my little baby because in every other way, you're just so in dependant now. I love it when you lie down next to me and we play the name-that-body-part game. I love the way you laugh when we get to "armpit" or "thumbs" because for some reason you think thumbs are hilarious. Just another example of how you never fail to amaze me every single day.

I want to thank you, for all the unconditional love you've given me. For all the smiles, laughter, hugs and kisses. For being different because life would be so much less interesting if you weren't.

Words just can't express how much I love you, Dina Yasmin. But I thank Allah for each and every day I have to show you.

Happy third birthday, my Beautiful.

Love, ibu.