Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I've Been Gone Too Long, I Can't Think of A Witty Title

Aaaaannnddd….I’m back!!

Has it been that long? 3 months plus already. What have I been up too? Work…more work…a quick holiday…more work…launches…work…teambuilding…loads more work…you get the picture. In fact I was so fed up from work, I couldn’t bear the site of my beloved Dell laptop at home coz the site of the Internet and all that comes with it made me want to puke.

But here I am again, my friends and I’m back in the blogging world. Not to worry, just in case something causes me to gag, I have my trusty Tuesday Night Vomit Bucket right beside me.


Sorry, was I screaming? Must be, coz it was soo damn exciting. I had it circled in red pen in my diary - “AMAZING RACE, 8.30PM – BATHE EARLY!!” I just lurve the Amazing Race coz it’s so unpredictable. Unlike some reality shows that run out of steam by the 2nd or 3rd installment (The Apprentice, Survivor,…yawnnn), the Amazing Race never runs out of surprises.

And boy, did it deliver last night!! I was excited to see all the contestants; I think the producers did a great job at picking out a variety of couples. Of course, I was rooting for Sa’eed and Bilal coz it would have been really interesting seeing them negotiate their way around the world, and also maybe have other cultures learn a bit more about the real Islam. Alas, that was not to be as the Muslim brothers were eliminated out at the first leg over. It wasn’t even the first pit stop!!! What a bummer. I was expecting for them to have to go through some kind of challenge or maybe even have their bags taken away from them, but not being eliminated. And the looks on the rest of the contestants; no one could believe what was happening. I bet the Chinese brothers did a huge ”Praise to Buddha” ritual for keeping them in the race.

Wouldn’t it be great if the producers did another twist and brought back Sa’eed and Bilal back later in the race? I doubt they would but still it would be great if they did.

I was also kind of bummed out when the Indian married couple, Vipul and Arti were eliminated. Too bad they were really bad with navigations. Being the first Indian American couple on the Amazing Race, it would have been interesting to see them work together. Two interesting couples, already gone within the first leg of the race. Sigh!!

I still have no opinions about the other contestants. The disabled couple, Peter and Sarah, looks tough despite their handicap and I’m very sure Sarah’s leg (or lack of) will come very handy in getting sympathy from the public and (most important) from taxi drivers.
The father-daughter team also looks quite interesting but so far the gay issue hasn’t really caused much drama yet. Speaking of gays, of course, we have our gay couple on the race; Tom and Terry. Yawn, sorry to be frank but gay couples are rather predictable. However, it is funny to hear them bitch and talk about the other contestants and also hilarious to see the way they celebrate their victories.

Of course, we have our “pretty” couples. This time we have three; cheerleaders, models and beauty queens. Seriously, is this Project Runway or the Amazing Race? I would trade Bilal and Sa’eed and Vipul and Arti for the bimbos anytime. But it’s still too early for me to diss on anyone yet, so we’ll see in future legs how those pretty lasses will hold up in the race.

All in all, I think this season is going to be the best one yet. I can’t wait to see the places the team are going to travel too; must jot them down in my travel diary for future references. Hey, a gal can dream, can’t she?


Kaklong Syikin said...


ya Allah..sibuk bebenor Along ni.rindu..rindu ngan citer Along.
anak2 sihat tak?
camner parent along ngan rmh baru depa?

bila masuk blog along baru perasan, laaa..aku terlepas amazing race..sabor ajeklah..

lepas ni jgn ghaib ghaib dah ya..frust tul bila masuk blog Along asyik tak updated aje..
cubalah, lain kali kalau sibuk sgt pun, update aje wlwpun satu ayat. ok..wassalam

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Anonymous said...

aloonngg!!.. thanks for being back blogging, you add colors to my life hehehe

anyways, yea, me too was looking forward to amazing race... and was similarly impressed with the diverse line up that they had. unfortunately tho...the moslems and the asians had to go...what to do.

so far i've not seen a favourite team yet... unlike BJ and Tyler from AR9...

ok la.. have fun blogging, cause am having fun reading :)


sitynuress said...

yahooo along dah balik!!!!!!!
write more along!! write more ok :)

Kaklong Syikin said...


alah Long...coti lagi mengupdate blog ya..

salam ramadhan ya..mehla bawak masuk sikit gambor anak2 along yg terkini.rindu plak kat depa.