Saturday, September 30, 2006

Updates Since Last Time..

Dear readers,

Yes, I know I promised to update more. And it’s been more than a week since my last update. I’ll try to write a bit everyday, about all the mundane stuff that goes on in my life to keep you guys happy. Kay? Hehehehe..

It’s the 6th day of Ramadan so I guess it’s still not too late to wish all Muslims “Selamat Berpuasa” and may Allah bless you always. So far fasting has been rather uneventful for me, other than a few chest pains I’ve been feeling lately. I think it’s heartburn but since I’ve never had heartburn before, I can’t really tell. It comes and goes and it feels like there’s a hurricane going on in my chest. There first time I got it, it hurt quite a bit but fortunately it didn’t last all that long. I’ve been drinking a lot of milk, just in case.

Updates on the kids; Dania has been taking piano classes over at the Yamaha school in Subang Parade. She’s been going for 3 months now and she still hasn’t memorized all the placements of the notes. I guess I’m partly to blame for not practicing with her or going over her homework with her more often. I must make a point to go over the notes with her everyday, for at least 20 minutes. I can’t expect her to remember everything if she only opens her book for an hour a week during class.

Dina; well, she’ll be two next week. How time flies!! Her vocabulary has improved a bit; you can make out what she’s saying if she says the words one at a time. However if she speaks in full sentences, all I hear is baby gibberish. Her favorite words are “up”, “down”, “please”, thank you”, “velkomm (welcome)”, “ibu”, “babah”, “kakak” and “kakong (kak long)”.

Hubby; he’s doing fine. Oya, we had our 5th anniversary early this month but I had to work so we didn’t get to celebrate. We took the kids out for dinner over at Cozy Corner but hubby promised to take me for a hotel weekend getaway. Our date is still postponed because of the fasting month (cannot naughty-naughty, hah!!!) so it might be a while. But that’s ok. We didn’t get anything for each other coz we already ran out for ideas. Easy to say, we have given each other everything we need. Hah, that’s just talk for “I’m too lazy to think and shop for him anymore”.

Other than that, things are pretty much still the same. Work is still the same except the company is undergoing some major changes. I’m still waiting to see how that will affect me personally. Hubby got the promotion he was hoping for so that’s a big plus. We get to park the car in the basement now!! Hahahaha..

So, it’s Friday night and it’s started to rain outside. It’s going to be a cold night tonight, better go warm up hubby. Hehehehe…till tomorrow. Take care everyone.

Ps: I tried uploading some pictures of the kids, because Syikin requested them but blogger won't let me. Maybe next time.