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Monday, July 10, 2006

World Cup 2006 - What A Month It Has Been!!

What a World Cup it has been!! As we all already know, the Italians are the Champions, beating France 6-4 on penalties. I hated the fact that the match had to be determined on penalty kicks because it just brings down the excitement to a low level. But that's how championships go sometimes.

The game was extremely nail-biting. Too many incidences where there should have been a goal but was denied because the angle was a little bit off, or the goalkeeper was just too good (Buffon!!). Too many fouls, dives and instances where each team pushed the other to the limit. There was a moment where Italy could have won it 2-1 if not for one of the strikers been caught off-side just 6 inches.

But the image that would probably stay in everybody’s mind would be that of Zidane head butting Matterazi in the chest, prompting the referee to give him a red card. It was a sight that not even the Italians could cheer to, seeing the Great Legend taking off his captain’s band and walk slowly off the pitch, pass the World Cup trophy that he would never get to raise again, even if France had won the match. I was silenced and baffled by the act of violence shown by Zidane; so unlike him. Speculation says that Matterazi called Zidane a racial slur. Maybe he did, even so Zidane should have kept his cool. It’s such a pity that his professional career had to come to an end on such a sour note.

All in all, the World Cup has been a joyous occasion. I can’t wait for 2010, World Cup in Africa.

**Picture taken courtesy of JOHN MACDOUGALL / Getty Images.


Anonymous said...

Its da big fat mama's joke.. u dont tell zizou his momma's belt is da size of da equator!! Wish he had head butt materazzi's head @ jus flying kick his head off (wish king eric had given him some pointer).. wat a sight it wud be.. ah well.. it was funny tho, but cud never erase da wonderful memories of the great french legend. True passionate fans of zizou wud always remember him as da genius who can do things wit da ball dat others can only dream of (half volley champs league final - goosebumps alert!).. anyhow, my point is - zizou is still da man!! jus like king eric!! thanx for all da wonderful memories u've bought to da beautiful game..

sity29 said...

padan muka materazzi.. u should not have make that stupid remark.. however i pitied zizou ... such glorious triumph it will be if he hailed the cup and not the italians.. tapi nak buat camne.. :P

Along said...

anony: Angah? Yeah, the incident did bring back memories of Eric Cantona's flying kick event. Hah!!! Zizou will always be known as a world class player, no one will be able to deny that. Still it brought a lot of drama to an already dramatic match.

Sity: Materazzi must have said something really bad to get to Zidane like that. He hasn't admitted to anything and even Zizou has kept quiet on teh incident. It will be one of those unsolved mysteries...what did M say to Z?

Joe said...

oit.. 1-1 full time, 5-3 on penalties. bila masa lak 6-4? mana ada tambah2 macam tu..

the star reported agent zizou claimed materazzi kutuk kata kakak zizou is a pros. kat radio pagi tadi, ada yg reported that materazi slur zizou as a terrorist

Along said...

Joe: wei..tak reti tambah yer. 1 goal plus 5 penalty kicks = 6 goals altogether. France: 1 goal plus 3 penalty kicks = 4 goals altogether. Simple maths, my friend.

Whatever Materazzi said, it made for good drama. I'm now just laughing the incident off. It won't effect the legend of Zizou whatsoever.

Joe said...

ko gak yg tulis 6-4 on penalties.. ape la..

Along said...

joe: Jangan gaduh ngan aku hal ni. Betul ah aku cakap...Italy win 6-4 on penalties, meaning teh game had to go to penalty kicks. Bukan menang 6-4 on regular play.

Tengah angin ni. Aerobic session aku kena kensel. Instructor sesat jalan. Hmmmmppphhh!!

Anonymous said...

hmm sis.. they dont say it like dat laa.. normal regulation score one side, penalty score one side.. u just dont add it up.. pls dont ruin da beautiful game.. hee

Syikin said...

hmm..adalah yg si mamat itali provoke tu, kalua tak, takkan si mamat perancis ni jd pakar tanduk dada org kot..

along , kumpullah duit drp sekarang, nanti blh tgk WC live kat south africa nun.

Along said...

Syikin: Cadangan yg bagus tu. Mesti start kumpul duit dari sekarang. Dapat tengok final je live pun baguslah.

tash said...

i like zidane a sad..won't b able to see him again in the next wc haih..

sity29 said...

bila nak update la along?

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