Thursday, July 06, 2006

Guess The Color Purple Doesn't Really Do It For Them

Yesterday we took the kids to Jaya Jusco Equine Park to see Barney and his friends. The kids love watching Barney and even though they don’t memorize all the songs, they do love singing the “I Love You” song. God, I used to hate that song with ALL MY SOUL but somehow when my kids sing it, it’s like hearing birds sing on a sunny Sunday morning.

The appearance was scheduled at 7pm, hubby and I headed back from the office on time. After freshening up and getting the kids ready, we drove over to the mall at around 6.30pm. Being a new mall, there weren’t many shops open yet. We walked a bit then decided to head to the concourse area for the show.

There were already many kids and their parents there. The personnel there announced that only kids were allowed up front while parents had to sit at the back. I brought the girls to the front and told them that I would be waiting for them at the back. As I turned and walked to the back, I felt someone tugging on my jeans. Hahahaa, I guess watching Barney from the back with the girls would also be ok.

The show was entertaining enough. There were loads of songs sung and the kids who decided to participate and join along were plenty.
My girls weren’t among them.
As you can see, they’re more of the passive type. Dina spent most of the time wondering about, starring at the other kids. Like Taiko tak, the picture? Dania concentrated on the show from the back. Only towards the end did they start going to the front and start dancing along.

Dania lined up to take pictures with Barney but at the last minute she freaked out, so I took pictures of other peoples’ kids. Ah bein! I guess she was a bit nervous seeing Barney being so big. Usually he’s just a small purple blob on the TV.


Plunky said...

You know, Barney eats children's souls, I think. I agree, that "I love you" drives me crazy.

Along said...

Deb: Too funny. Yeah, maybe you're right about the soul sucking thing. Personally, I always though Barney was a little creepy.

Thanks for dropping by.

sity29 said...

ehehhe along pun bawak bebudak tu pegi ek :P

tapi cool kan tgk bebudak semue get so excited over a purple color dinasour

Syikin said...

along tak suka lagu tu??saya tau :). wah, nampaknya nak kena suruh anak2 along nyanyi selalu nanti lama2 along sukalah.

saya kagumlah along ni rajin bawak anak2 p jalan2 tgk entertainment kanak2 camtu.

Along said...

Sity: Sity bawak Indah bile? Tak perasan pun...jumpa Zarina from Finance je time tu.
Ntah, pasel purple dinosour pun bleh excited. Kot NKOTB takpelah jugak..:D

Syikin: Oh tidak, cukup le anak2 along nyanyi time keluar cite Barney kat TV tu. Actually memang kitaorg suka bawak the girls jejalan time weekends, unless le ada tetamu mai rumah. Tak suka terperap kat rumah...rimas.

Hijackqueen said...

Wah, get to see and take pic with Barney for free without paying few hundred bucks!!!!