Friday, February 24, 2006

A Post of Many Rants

What does it say about you when you read the menu that says “Fish and Chips with Honey Mustard” as “Fish and Chips with Horny Mustard”? Good grief, even the waiter was trying to hide his amusement.

My eye allergy is much better now but I’m still scared of using any eye drops. I still think I need to go for an eye checkup, seeing how my grandma is getting an eye operation too. Suddenly, memories of all those hours of starring at the TV box, 3 centimeters away from my face, comes to mind. Damn that idiot box!!!

Going back to Melaka today to see my new nephew. Wow, I’m a real aunt. Surprising how having kids of my own doesn’t make me feel old, but becoming an aunt does!! Just don’t call me makcik!!

Just my luck. I try to learn from life’s lessons and buy those darn Disney on Ice tickets early. I check today’s email and my company is giving seats to the shows at 25% discount!!! ARGHHH!!!


Joe said...

sah.. ko memang a horny toad pun. sampai mustard pun ko horny gak.

mumsgather said...

Hi makcik! ;) My, my, you are grouchy today aren't you? hahaha.

tooin said...

I know why!!. Your brain mustv got mixed up with sheffield/yorkshire accent. (bahasa baku in english).