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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Close Encounter with the Rich & Famous

In my line of work, I get to rub shoulders with some famous people. Some of them are nice and really friendly; some of them really need lessons at the anti-snob school. Sorry, no names to be mentioned. Fastinglah today, cannot gossip. Hehehehee…

So last week, we had a chat session with Tony Eusoff. For those who don’t know who he is, get out from under your shell; he’s always on TV. Mostly remembered for his stint in the hit TV drama, Astana Idaman, (noooo, I didn’t watch it, but I know of it!!), he’s also a well known TV model and host. And he’s mighty good looking too.

Here are pictures of him during the chat session and one with me!!

Laughing at the many insane questions that came thru during the chat

Hek eleh, macam nice couple tak? Kahkahkahkah...

This is one crazy dude. He came for the chat session on his motorbike, without wearing any jacket. Throughout the entire chat session, he was complaining about his sunburn (it did look quite bad). He answered all of the questions in a cheeky manner and had us rolling on the floor with laughter with his antics.

Here’s hoping I get as good a celebrity as Tony for our upcoming chat sessions.

OK, got to go back to work.


nadya said...

oh along.. he's d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s !

ila de cute said...

along memang dari dulu lagi asyik rub shoulder dgn org glamer glamer ni...nanti dah glamer jgn lupa kitaorg plak tau...hehehhe

Along said...

Nad: Yes, he's yummy!! Hahahaha...but surprisingly short for a model.

Ila: lal..I behind the scenes punya orglah. No way am I going to be as glamour as the people I rub shoulders with.

syikin said...

antara awak ngan artis tu, awak lagi menyerlah...hehehe...tak percaya awak ibu beranak dua..maintain slim and cute..

Along said...

Syikin: Wah, thank you ah..atas pujian anda. Hahahaha...FYI, Along memang tak naik badan pun time ngandung. Perut je nak slim balik after giving birth tu taklah susah sangat.

Zaza said...

"hey, cepat nye lega..!"
"ok dah.. jom pergi!"

hihi.. :D