Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm Blaming Everything on My Medication...

I’m fasting and also high on cough and flu medication. I had a 9am meeting in KL, which meant I couldn’t sleep back after sahur and now I am kicking myself for not catching a few winks. People have been calling me none stop on the phone and only 30% of what they’re saying is actually getting processed in my head.

Can you say Monday Blues?

My weekend rundown.

Saturday morning, we received a call from my MIL. Hubby’s aunt (my FIL’s younger sister) just passed away due to stroke. Hubby and I both jumped out of bed, bathed, got dressed, arranged with my mom to come over and look after the kids – and then it hit us – we had no electricity. I should have noticed it when we both woke up slightly sweating because the aircon had turned off. It wasn’t until we had gotten everything ready and were about to start the car that I pressed the auto-gate button…and nothing happened. Of course, you idiot, there’s no electricity!!

We searched high and low for the gate key that allows you to open the auto-gate manually but I haven’t seen the keys since…forever. Hubby thinks he placed them in his tool box (great idea!!!) but we searched all 3 tool boxes (on why we have so many tool boxes yet never get around doing any home improvement projects is another blog post altogether).

We called the electric company about the power blackout and then called the auto-gate company to come and bring us some spare keys. Turns out they just can’t give you spare keys coz they don’t keep them. So in the end we had to pay them RM70 to change the key box and provide us with two new keys plus another RM240 to do maintenance.

So in the end, we ended up not going back to Melaka for the funeral (the burial was scheduled at 11am and the power only came back around 10 something) and had to borrow my maid’s pocket money because both of us didn’t have enough cash to pay the auto-gate people. Masya’allah!!!

Sunday was a bit better. I finished up my filing project, which I had started yesterday and thank goodness too coz I just realized that we hadn’t paid this months’ AND last months’ utility bills. Could this have been a factor in Saturday’s power outrage? I put everything in cute folders marked “BILLS”, “INVOICES AND RECEIPTS”, “PERSONAL DOCUMENTS”, “BANGI HOUSE” and “KELANA JAYA APARTMENT”. I also created one box to put in all the manuals and warranty cards. It took me all day and gave me a sore back but it was worth it. I am organized, I am neat…until next month that is.


noresh said...

aiyooohhh... you're as bad as i am. that is why i leave all the utility payments to bard. and did i tell u that he's very organized too??!! compared to me, i'm such an idiot when it comes to all things neat and organized.

aapitz said...

aisehhh....I was just thinking to have an electric gate soon..! Hehehhe..leceh jugak kalo dah ilang kunci ek...must make sure to keep the key at a proper place...ihiihihh

tash said...

hey there sorry bout yr FIL’s younger sister who has passed away..may her soul rest in peace..

btw, actually wanna drop by to wish ya happy valentine.. :)

Along said...

Noresh: Actually my cik abg is twice as bad. He moves stuff from their usual places and hardly ever checks the bills. But I make sure HE makes the payment, hehee... OUt of the two of us, I'm much better. Still that's not saying much.

Apit: Itulah, have to make sure you keep the keys all in the key box. Kang trap inside the compound, haru je!!

Tash: Thank you for your kind wishes. And happy valentine too.