Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dania, her ears and the chocolate

So last week Dania had her ears pierced. She had been begging us for weeks for this so finally we relented (actually her father did, I was ok with the idea from the start) and we took her to my uncle’s house to have them done. He’s a doctor so he has all those torture tools stashed at home. Evident of torture can be seen from the earlobes of his daughters, all 5 of them.

Pictures of the “ceremony” are as below. I view it as a ceremony coz for me, it symbolizes another milestone and another indication that my baby girl is growing up so fast.

Smiles and funny faces. Holding hands with her Maksu Aqilah for encouragement

Right ear first

Yeah!! Everyone clapping, Dania smiling

But not for long!! Just realized, there's another ear to go

Damn, that hurt!! Luckily Wan Teh had some chocolate ready as a reward


Kampung Gal said...

tiutnye ;) after one ear la... after that hancus

how now?

maria aka twinsmom said...

Hey, drop by to say Hi :D.
glad to see your little girl again.
hah...long for piercing her ear, when really did it...crying pulak hahaha...
guess don't know when my girls will ask me for that :P.
I only pierced my ear when I graduated from secondary school.

lieawulf said...
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lieawulf said...

hi Along ^__^ , I had my first piercing when I was 18 - sakit woo! :P

btw, I've made the font larger at my blog, so now, you need not to strain your eyes to read the postings hehehe.

have a great day!

Zaza said...

she looks cool in pict 3..whaa.. bagusnyer.. mcm dah standard one. but pict 4, Dania 4 yrs old again.. hehe.. along, emulco choc cake recipe in mommy's diary.

Anonymous said...

kiutnye... :-)
always always have chocolate in hand - for emergency purposes...


Along said...

KG: Siap dua2 telinga. She didn't flinch, coz this was her brilliant idea in the first place. But still, kesian gak tengok.

Maria: Hahah...actaully, I got my ears pierced when I was 2 years old, so I had no problems with Dania getting hers.

LW: Hahaha..18 yrs old. Telinga dah keras kot!!

Zaza: Itualah, 3rd picture, control lagi. 4th picture, dah lost all composure. Great, I'll be checking at ur blog for the chocolate cake recepi.

Meowmeow: Yep...chocolate is a great pacifier!! Even for grown ups :P

Iym said...

Hi Along..
Dah baik ke telinga Dania? My Husna pun dok sibuk nak ear-piercing. Lama ke nak baik?

Along said...

Iym: Takde masalah. No problems so far. My uncle gave us some lotion to apply after bathtime, but so far takde kudis ke apa. Husna nak tindik ke? Hehheeh, make sure it's her idea.

tash said...

hahahahaha so cute..yea i cried badly too when i was small..that's d price to pay to b pretty i guess hehehe

syikin said...

anak saya Husna, bertindik telinganya juga.Tapi tak lama...dua minggu pakai,lepas tu buka sebab telinganya gatal. My MIL dah siap belikan subang emas utk gantikan yang nikel tu. Tapi, bila nak dipakaikan yang baru tu lepas seminggu dibuka subang nikel tu, tak boleh masuk. Lubang dah tertutup!!! Sian kat dia...tapi tak perlah, lagipun p sekolah tak leh pakai barang kemaskan.