Friday, December 09, 2005

I could kill someone..just to see some action around here.

I am so bored right now. So, utterly, freaking, sad-that-it-could-be-mistaken-to-be-pathetic kind of bored. There are stacks of proposals on my table but I’m in no mood to read them. Just looking at the PowerPoint slides, and my eyes glaze over and become watery. My mind starts humming the theme song to the A-Team.

Thank God It’s Friday. This week is particularly nice coz we get 3 days off. Those in Selangor, that is. Other states, Boo Hoo to you guys for not getting Monday off!! A’ha!!

I’ve made some plans for the weekend. Tomorrow we’re taking our overdue trip on the ERL. The girls are excited about being on a train, especially Dania. I should learn never to expose a trip a week ahead, thus being put into a position of having to explain why Today is not THE DAY for the trip. Everyday since Monday it’s been “Is today Saturday? Is it train day TODAY?”

Depending on what time we all wake up tomorrow, our plans are to take the train to either KL Sentral or KLIA, then come back to have lunch at Alamanda. Then maybe we’ll take in the sights at the Putrajaya Mosque and take some pictures down by the lake.

I’m not so sure what we’ll be doing on Sunday but hubby has promised to bring me to watch the Chronicles of Narnia this weekend. Angah said the movie was awesome. Having read all 7 books of Narnia several times, I’m a bit afraid that I’ll be setting myself up for disappointment when watching the movie. Must remember to bring an “open mind”.

Off for prayers. Have a nice weekend everybody.


zarina said...

long..pinjam buku narnia..tapi aku pulang balik lepas abih maternity laa...boleh??..

Along said...

aku dah bagi adik aku pinjam ah...senang, bile ko nak pi off untuk maternity baru ko ambik ah.