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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Babies, My Life

I was watching this episode of House MD last night. There was one case where his patient was diagnosed with lung leukemia. The only way she could live is by doing a major operation to get rid of the tumor (I saw the show halfway through so I may be wrong on some of the details). Problem is the patient was already 30 weeks pregnant and was very adamant in bringing the baby to terms. Of course, Dr. House gave his usual sarcastic-yet-I-really-do-care-about-you speech and the lady agreed to have the surgery. Then entered the Big Bad Wolf (Volgar, that ultra-rich guy who lately donated USD100 million to the hospital). He cancelled the procedure, infuriating House and basically caused a big uproar, resulting in Wilson getting fired, House almost getting fired, and Cuddy herself put on the line.

Anyhow it was, as always, a great episode of House but it made me wonder about what I would do if I were in that woman’s position - pregnant but in need of surgery that could be fatal to my baby. I love my babies with all my heart and as every mother would feel, I would gladly risk my life for their sake. However in this case, I would probably have to think about my living children, apart from the one I am carrying. Also there’s hubby to think about. I’m pretty sure he would have wanted me to live, even if it meant putting our unborn child at risk. If I was only 2-3 weeks pregnant, then maybe it wouldn’t be such a difficult choice, but at 30 weeks...I would have already felt the baby inside me, kicking and moving about. I would have already pictured him/her playing with Dania and Dina. I would have bought all new clothing, especially if the baby was a boy.

It’s a hard choice to make, and I pray I’ll never have to make it.

Ps: In House, the lady died in the end due to internal bleeding in her stomach. They had to do an emergency c-section to save the baby, which they did. I cried when the Dad held the baby and kissed his wife goodbye.


nadya said...

cerita house tu,yg last nite nyer episode... mother tu ada lung dia 28 weeks,kalau buat c-section..peluang hidup dia 80% kalau tunggu 29 minggu..90%. that's her 4th pragnancy,yg lain semua dia mmg nak keep her baby. dia nak tunggu sampai 29th week tapi wilson tak bagi sbb lagi lambat dia buat cancer treatment dia lagi tipis peluang dia nak hidup lebih dr 5 thn..

yg part volgar interupt tu semua sama jer mcm cerita along.nad pun nangis2 jugak...

lagi satu..oh im sooo head over heel sama itu doctor house. so sarcastic n yet good hearted men..
im in love..with him!
-manusia tempang yg yummy!

Along said...

Nad: Maybe I need to see the rerun this weekend. I think House is one of the best Doctor series to come to the TV screen since ER. You learn a lot and you really care about the characters.

Yes, I think Dr House is yummy too. Hehehehe, just like a crummy bad tempered grizzly bear.

Joe said...

someone's hinting that a baby boy is in the near future? :-)

Along said...

Joe: Not so near lah. Insya'allah, if got rezeki, year 2007. :D

Iym said...

Hurmm.. nape aku tak tau pun pasal cerita nih? haha.. by the way my daughter had her ears pierced yesterday. Not bad at all..

Anonymous said...

I watched that episode... in my condition now i would also not know what to do. Too far along to terminate the pregnancy but too risky to continue as my family which includes a little child needs me... nauzubillah... mintak dijauhkan daripada buat keputusan yg macam tu EVER!


Sya said...

Syahdu je time the father had to make the decision concerning his wife. well, at least the baby lives...

Anonymous said...

kalo dlm buleh di korbankan..selamatkan mak