Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Our 3-1 Weekend event

Last weekend was rather hectic (when is it not?). We all went back to Melaka to my in-laws for a 3-in-1 family gathering which was to celebrate Dina’s Qiqah. My sister-in-law’s wedding and Doa Selamat for my in-laws who are going to Mekah next month.

Hubby and I took Friday off so we could help with all the preparations for Saturday’s event. The agenda for Saturday was as follows; 10am – Marhaban and Dina’s Qiqah, 11am – Anom’s (my SIL) akad nikah, 12pm – Anom’s sanding. 3pm – End.

I realize some of these terms may seem foreign to oversea readers. Here’s something to help you with the vocabulary.

Qiqah – an Islamic ceremony to praise god and give thanks for new babies. Usually the ceremony is done when the baby is 7 days old. Nowadays, people do it when they can get leave from their ever hectic work life. The ceremony starts with Marhaban (a group of people singing versus from the Holy Quran) and then the cutting of the hair of the baby. Pictures of Dina going through this process as below.

Dina with a full head of hair, before the ceremony. The gown she's wearing was a hand-me-down from Dania. Thank God it fit her.

Where are there so many old ladies here, ibu?

What does she think she's doing with that pair of scissors?!!"

This is not nice!! I REPEAT, this is not nice!!

Please, kind lady. Have mercy on this defenseless little girl..sob, sob.

As you can see, it started out good, then towards the end she got tired and irritated because these old ladies kept grabbing her hair and putting weird coconut juice all over her head. One can only take so many cheek pinches in single day!!

Akad Nikah – basically it’s the ceremony where the couple officially becomes husband and wife. It’s the Islamic version of “Do you take so-and-so as your wife, blah, blah, blah......I Do”. No kissing scene though. I cried during my akad nikah. Silent tears of joy and anxiety. Pictures of my SIL’s akad nikah as below.

Saiful placing the ring on Anom's finger

Officially Husband and Wife

Sanding – the part of the ceremony where the bride and the groom sit up on a platform and relatives and friends come up to wish and bless the couple good luck. Pictures as below.

The happy couple, up on the pelamin (platform

Doa Selamat – means prayer for someone’s well-being. My parent-in-laws are going to Mekah end of December. Here’s praying they go and come back safely.


Anonymous said...

allo allo from vancouver..


Anonymous said...

ooi joe bila mau mai sini:bagi tau awal2 nanti boleh plan jln. cipa keja kena amik cuti..

Sorry along.. menyibuk sat..

Anonymous said...

huk eleh.. kau ke?

tak jadi pi sana la. budget kureng sket. dah tu, advance pun tak sempat dapat, travel agent pun bingai.

abih vancouver, terus balik msia. jumpe anak bini

tash said...

hey , congratulation :)

Along said...

ello mamat not forget my souvenirs..

Annonymous: Who r u? Sila perkenalkan diri...

Tash: TQ...nice to see u again.

Anonymous said...

Do i have 2 introduce myself along. well, me yg takde keja & still student somewhere. x13. "seminars dodd metamodelling"

Joe said...

what souvenir? sini takde victoria's secrets

Along said...

Wei that you? Bile nak balik Malaysia? Noresh is back already, but I haven't seen or called her yet. Busy ah, lagipun takut dia tengah jet lag.

Joe: I don't care. Whateverlah. Janji ada souvenirs...

marybishop said...

Thanks for the explanations...I love learning about other cultures and admire people like you...who speak my language so perfectly while I cannot do the same 8-(

We are all more alike than we are different!