Thursday, October 06, 2005

Our Morning Ritual

Nowadays my girls have a new morning ritual. After waking up, both of them climb onto our bed (Dania does, Dina yells from the side until hubby or I pick her up). Sometimes they just join us under the covers where we have family hugs and share morning-breath kisses with each others. Most of the times, the girls like to look out from our bedroom window and count how many cars, lorries, birds and people go by.

This “tradition” carries on even when we’re in other places, like my MIL’s house.

Sigh..I know I’m going to miss this as the girls get older.

What's your morning ritual?


Krissy said...

If he's with his dad, his morning ritual involves getting up and playing and having breakfast. If it's a mom day I wake him up with a bottle, get him changed and dressed, smile and coo an stick him in the car seat.

Day care by 7:30am on mom days.

On Saturdays he gets up and has a bottle and mommy lays on the floor and tries not to die of the tired while he crawls all over me. He has breakfast at 8:30am and plays and then by 9:00am or 9:30 he goes down for his morning nap and we all try and get a little more sleep.

I think that morning rituals are tough when there's work.

Anonymous said...

my morning ritual... bangun pagi, sembahyang subuh & tidur balik =))

tash said...

hey there..long time din drop by d cox having semester holidays..a very sweet morning ritual u hav there wit ya family..

for us, during our new matter day or night all v do is eat is part of our life i guess...

selamat berpuasa!!

Anonymous said...

Selamat Berpuasa to your family :).