Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Amazing Race - my family team

Tonight is the 3rd episode of the new Amazing Race, Season 8. Are you guys into it?!! I am. I’m totally into it. This is one reality show that never fails me.

So far I haven’t got a favorite team yet. Most of them are pretty much supportive of each other and portray the average family situation. There is one family I’m started to despise though; the Paolo family. The sons are rude, the dad is rude and the mom keeps on whining. Seriously, this family is giving Italian families around the world a bad name. I know the race can be stressful, but when your own son tells you to SHUT UP, that shows a definite lack in discipline and respect among the family members.

Previously I wanted to do run down of the teams and maybe some predictions on where they might be going and which team might win the million dollars. But Kampung Gal already did an awesome job here so instead I’m going to tell you who I would have chosen for my own family team.

My Husband.

Of course he would be on my team. He’s a terrific driver for one thing. He can drive long distances and not get tired easily, which is a huge plus in the Amazing Race. Also he’s very competitive and can be very devious when it suits him. He’s strong so he’ll be great help for when it comes to physical activities but he can’t stand eating strange food. Not to say he has a sensitive stomach but you ask him to eat 8 pounds of meat (like in the last season), he’ll probably do a Rob and fold. And get other teams to fold too.

My Dad.

I’m choosing my dad coz he’s been around the world more than any other person I know. I know, most of the time on business trips but still ANY knowledge about a foreign country is vital knowledge when it comes to the Amazing Race. Plus my dad is a very patient person so most probably he’ll be the one holding the team together when the going gets tough. My dad is quite healthy for someone his age, and loves walking around when he’s traveling. He can walk miles and miles and not get tired. Of course, walking leisurely around the golf course is not quite the same thing as dashing along the bust streets of India. But still, my dad gets a vote to be on my team.

For my last family’s where I’m a bit torn. My mom would be a nice addition, but frankly speaking I don’t know how she would hold up in the Amazing Race. For starters, she gets tired easily. She hates walking long distances and does not like to get dirty. On the other hand, she’s very thorough. She’ll be the one who reads and rereads the clue to make sure we’ve got the right directions. Also, she’s the type who would suck it up for the team. If it meant having to paraglide over a cliff or scale a rocky hill, I’m sure she’ll do it...slow and steady, she would do it.

Another person, or rather three more people to consider would be my brothers. Hmmm...out of the three, I would probably go with my second brother, Zulhazmi aka Alang. No offense to Angah and Kamarul, I still love you guys. It’s just that Alang has more spirit and urgency when it comes to stressed situations like the Amazing Race. Angah, for one thing, just CANNOT wake up early in the morning. So if our departure time from a certain location is at 2.36am, then we would be in trouble. Kamarul....well, I still see him as the baby of the family.

So there you have it. The IDRIS family. Hehehehe...yours truly, my hubby, my dad and my mom or second brother.

I predict we get in first place throughout the race. HAHAHAHAHAHA....

Who would you chose to be on your family team and why?


nadya.s said...

family nad? semua confirm x leh masuk amazing race...semua kaki tido..


Along said...

Nad: ke? But for 1 million dollars, surely some of them would gladly sacrifice some sleep time, right?