Thursday, July 07, 2005

Only When I'm Dead Buddy..Only When I'm Dead.

All this Hoo-Ha about Ayah Pin has gotten me uneasy because:

A. This fella has convinced many people that he is God and has the power to cause people harm or even death just by starring at them (just one of his many wild claims).
B. He has 4 wives, who he claims and I quote “were not his choice but were chosen for him.”

I guess what he wanted to say was that he’s not an itching, old b@#$%*d like one would think but actually it was the wives who wanted to marry him. Because of course, he’s God and he’s Almighty and he’s the greatest...blah, blah, blah.

It pisses me off that this kind of person exists. It pisses me off even more that the wives are so willing to resign themselves to this arrangement. According to the reports, the second wife was chosen by the first wife coz she wanted someone to take care of her husband when she grew old. The third and fourth wives were chosen for the very same reason.

My question is does this fella REALLY need 4 wives to take care of him? What happened to the notion that the Man was supposed to take care of the Wife? If the first wife grows old, doesn’t it mean that Ayah Pin would be older still? Who takes care of the first wife when she’s old...or the second, third and fourth wife for that matter?

I asked hubby a few times if he had ever thought of having more than one wife. His answer: Satu pun dah pening, lagi mau kawin banyak. (You alone give me a headache sometimes, why should I want more.)

Ok, so not the romantic answer I was looking.

So I told him, “If you ever..EVER, think about other women or want to marry another, you better let me know. We can file for divorce coz there’s no way in hell I want to share you.”

Yes, rather drastic some of you might think. But seriously, when you think about it, can you really...REALLY go on kissing and sleeping with your husband when you know other women are kissing and sleeping with him too?

I think I need to step back a bit and define polygamy for my foreign readers. In Islam, the husband is allowed to take on as many as 4 wives at one time WITH A CONDITION that all wives (and children) are treated equally and everyone is cared for, financially, spiritually and emotionally. So you see, actually polygamy in Islam is not a luxury, as some men think it is, but rather a very HUGE responsibility. Unfortunately there are only few men out there that are truly able to bear this responsibility yet so many of them take on wives as if they were taking up magazine subscriptions.

Back to my discussion with hubby. After I told him that, he assured me that (for now(!)), he has no intention of marrying another woman, so can I just stop bugging him about it coz he really wants to watch CSI in peace.

Of course, I have to drag the subject on and on. So I tell him, “ But if (touch wood!!) I die first, then you have my permission to marry another. In fact, get married straight away coz I really can’t see you handling the kids by yourself and I don’t want them to be raised by their grandparents. I want you to marry a nice woman who loves children and is kind to you and you don’t have to wait until I’m dead for a year or so.

At this point, hubby rolls his eyes and says, “Stop talking about dying coz you’re making me uneasy and furthermore it’s not like I can tackle and marry Laetitia Casta, who I’m really GAGA over.

Dush!! One big punch on the shoulder for hubby.

So in conclusion, hubby can only marry another IF AND ONLY IF:
a. I’m dead
b. I’m infertile, which I’m not, so really it’s only option a.

Subject closed.



ahaksss... ada insecurity issues nampak...

yes... i do agree with 150%. i'd rather be divorced than share my man intimately with other women.

azrin said...

Sepasang suami isteri yg telah mempunyai 3 orang anak, sedang berbual sambil menonton TV di dalam bilik mereka. Si isteri bertanya kepada suami beberapa soalan.

Isteri : Bang, kalau saya mati dulu, abang kahwin lagi tak?

Suami : Abang rasa, abang mungkin kahwin lagi. Kerana, anak-anak kita perlukan orang yang boleh beri perhatian. Makan minum abang pun adalah orang yang sediakan.

Isteri : Habis, kalau abang kahwin lagi, abang kasi ke dia duduk rumah kita.

Suami : Yelah. Sebab rumah ni mahal, takkan nak biar kosong macam tu saja?

Isteri : Abang kasi ke dia guna bilik, kita, toilet kita?

Suami : Ya yang, sbb takkan abang nak buat bilik lain khas untuk dia. Nanti bilik ni, membazir pulak.

Isteri : Abang kasi ke dia pakai almari kita?

Suami : Ye yang, almari kita ada 4 pintu takkan nak bagi org lain pulak.

Isteri : Abang kasi ke dia pakai katil kita?

Suami : Terpaksalah yang. Sebab katil kita tu baru je beli sebulan.

Isteri : Baju tidur saya, pijama dan towel saya?

Suami : Takkan itu abang nak bagi kakak & adik awak. Jadi, drpd tak dipakai, lebih baik kalau abang kasi dia aja.

Isteri : Handbag saya, kasut saya, golf set saya?

Suami : Itu tak boleh, sebab dia suka handbag kaler maroon, kasut dia saiz kecil drpd awak, saiz 5, golf set tak boleh sebab dia kidal...

Isteri: ????!!!!!

Suami: (Dalam hati) Alamak!!

lieawulf said...

along - thank you, thank you!! for blogging against Ayah Pin hehehe and the like (yg bercadang nak berbini dua, tiga, empat)

azrin - nice anecdote ^__^

Aapitz said...

hahahhaaaaa....mulalah along punyer mengarut tuh..

entah lah longg...frankly speaking i don't mind if my hubby wants to have another mmg dari dulu, i have this kind of attitude....kenaper ek...??

entah lahhh...mmg pelik, tapi that's the feeling i have inside...

I don't need man to survive....entahlah mungkin sebab dah banyak kali dikiciwa kan...ihihihi

If I want kids - i can hv adopt child
If I want money - i can work
If I want love - i don't need love from men, cause they always give me headache...

Man can come and go....and the true survivor is my own...hahahhahaa

Along said...

Noresh: Manade insecure? Sebab rasa secure ah boleh keluarkan statement macam tu. :D

Azrin: Lawak buduh ah hang ni...

Alia: Ur most welcome!!

Apit: Wah, ur one in a million. Ur hubby tau tak ni, ur sooo understanding. Hehehehehe...

Anonymous said...

hehe.. kesian ayam, kena buli dgn bini :P

Nani ni btw..
so, dulu before kawin, aku ckp kat bkl hubby (tak pernah bertunang in fact, famili dia hantar cincin tanda je, which fits jari tgh!!!)
"bles kawin asalkan nani ada rumah besar, org gaji 3 4, kereta dua, driver, dan yg paling penting sekali, dok kat pulau sendiri!!"
skrg dia agak takut nak cakap pasal poligami.. takut runtuh rumah lak haha


azrin said...

aapitz kata…
"If I want love - i don't need love from men, cause they always give me headache..."

... errmmm they?

Along said...

Nani: Hehehe..bagus gak letak syarat macam tu. Sampai mati pun tak mampu nak bagi u a whole Island!!

Azrin: I think what Apit meant was, Men in general bagi dia poning kepala. Betul tak, Apit?

Aapitz said...

Yupppp - men is general

Lagi satu, I pernah ckp kat hubby about this poligami thing....and he knows about it....ehehhe

BTW....mampu ker...? nak berbini satu lagi..?? yang satu nie pon susah nak jaga...kwang kwang kwang...

azrin said...

sebutlaa selalu-selalu... dari tak teringat, jadi peringat plak kangg... kwang kwang kuaangggg ... hehehe.

ibuVouge said...

byknye nak kena baca..lama tak lawat sbb mc.
xpe lepas ni ada free time ana khatam eek
Isu yg bagus..hehe

Kiah Kardashian said...

Hemrh...I really can't tell how i will react if hubby decide to have another wife. It all depends on the situation.

The issue is:

1. Mampu ker?
2. Niat tu penting. Tapi most of them are all nafsu...bukan nak menolong.
3. Boleh adil ker..
yada yada yada

Hush banyak tuh..

Being a wife, I do agree with you. The same reason...saper nak share husband kan.

Ha..mula la start pikir macam2 lepas ni :P